7 Interesting Ayers Rock Facts

Sunday, November 17th 2013. | Places

The people who want to visit Australia for an interesting vacation need to read the Ayers Rock facts. One of the most wonderful locations that people should visit when they are in Australia is the Ayers rocks. It is very famous around the world besides the Great Barrier Reef. The structure is unique and makes people amazed with the natural formation of the rock. Here are the complete facts to realize about Ayers rock:

Ayers Rock Facts 1: underground area

The location of ayers rock are underground. You cannot see the Uluru or ayers rocks directly. The depth of the area is around 2.5 kilometer. It you want to enjoy a challenging vacation, you can go to Ayer Rocks, Australia.

Ayers Rock Facts 2: name

Do you know the meaning of Uluru?  In English, people call it as Ayers Rock. However, it has no meaning when you translate the term Uluru in Pitjantjatjara language. The language is the mother tongue of the local Anangu people living in Australia.

Ayers Rock Australia

Ayers Rock Australia

Ayers Rock Facts 3: formation

Do you know the formation of Ayers Rocks? In the past Ayers Rocks were created from the compressed and hardened sediments on the oceans.

Ayers Rock Facts 4: erosion

Ayers rock also face a due to the high intensity of erosion. It is mainly caused by the hard intensity of rain. The rain water will flow around the rock and create a channel.

Ayers Rock facts

Ayers Rock facts

Ayers Rock Facts 5: name

The rock has two names. People call it as Uluru as it is the original name. The name ayers rock was given to respect Sir Henry Ayers. He was the Chief Secretary of South Australia. The first one who saw the monolith was William Gosse. He was a surveyor who saw it in 1873.

Ayers Rock Facts 6: location

Finding Uluru or Ayers rock in Australia is very easy because this attraction so famous. You just have to go 450 kilometer from Alice Springs.  You can have a tour on Uluru rocks. Most tours offer people with 3 day tour so that you can see the nearby landscape. It enables you to see the Kings Canyon or Wartarrka and the Olgas or Kata Tjuta.

Ayers Rock Wonderful

Ayers Rock Wonderful

Ayers Rock Facts 7: color

The magnificent look that you can see on ayers rock is when the sun shines. The rock will change the color due to the sunlight. The angle for the sun determines the color of the rock.  The surrounding land in Uluru rock comes in red color because of the monolith its forms.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock

There is no need to wait any longer if you are interested to see the real Ayers rock. You just have to go to Australia and find a tour there. Are you satisfied with facts about Ayers Rock?

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