10 Interesting Mount Etna Facts

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Mount Etna Facts present the detail information about the famous volcano in the world. The location of this mountain is the east coast for Sicily. It is the Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. Many people amazed with Mount Etna not only because of its beauty but also massive explosion. Here are facts about Mount Etna for you:

Mount Etna Facts 1: height

Mount Etna is called as the highest mountain in the Italy south of the Alps. It has the elevation of 11,000 feet.

Mount Etna Facts 2: eruption

People who live around Mount Etna should be aware with the activity of the volcanoes. It is considered as the most active volcano in the world. During the 100 years, there are several eruptions occurred in Mount Etna.

Mount Etna Eruption

Mount Etna Eruption

Mount Etna Facts 3: area

More than 460 square miles of the area in the island of Sicily is occupied by Mount Etna.  Even though the volcano is very active, it is always filled with snow. In the foot of the mountain, you can find many olive groves and vineyards. You can also see many kinds of animals living around the mountain.

Mount Etna Facts 4: the most violent eruption

Mount Etna erupted for several times. The most violent one occurred in March 1669. The city walls of Catania and some villages were destroyed by the erupted lava.


Mount Etna Facts

Mount Etna Facts

Mount Etna Facts 5: the death toll

The eruption of Mount Etna made 70 people died. However, it also gives benefits to the land surrounding the mountain. It becomes fertile. Therefore, people can increase the agricultural production.

Mount Etna Facts 6: a long history of volcanic eruption

The volcanic eruption had a very long history. It erupted more than any other volcanoes in the world. The Aenid is the famous book written about Mount Etna by the famous poet Virgil.

Mount Etna in Italy

Mount Etna in Italy

Mount Etna Facts 7: Mongibello

Mongibello is the nickname of Mount Etna.  In Italian, it means beautiful mountain. This mountain is a popular attraction in Italy. People will love to do skiing or climbing on the active mountain. Learn more on facts about Italy here.

Mount Etna Facts 8: lava

Do you know that the lava located on the side of the mountain has the age of more than 300,000 years old?

Mount Etna Lava

Mount Etna Lava

Mount Etna Facts 9: the geological condition

The scientists believe that the atmosphere and geological condition in Mount Etna is similar with the ones in Mars. The space robots were sent there for a test.

Mount Etna Facts 10: the recent eruption

The most recent eruption occurred on 26 October 2013. It made the airplanes take another route.

Mount Etna

Mount Etna

Even though Mount Etna is in active condition, people will like to see the bubbling to lava streaming and the flaming smoking eruption from a far distance. Are you fascinated with facts about Mount Etna?

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