10 Interesting Sahara Desert Facts

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Sahara Desert Facts tell you about the major desert in Northern Africa.   It takes the record as the hottest desert in the world. Based on the area, it takes the third position of the largest desert in the world. If you check the pictures of the Saharan desert today, it is very hot and dry. But some scientist estimates that the desert will be green in 15,000 years in the future. Here are some interesting facts about Sahara desert for you:

Sahara Desert Facts 1: the border

There are several regions which border the Sahara desert. You can sport the Mediterranean and Atlas Mountain on the northern and Red Sea on the east. The Atlantic Ocean is seen in the west, while the Sudan and Niger River are on the south. Get facts about Africa here.

Sahara Desert Facts 2: the third largest desert

As I have stated before, Sahara Desert takes the third place of the largest desert in the world. The first and second largest deserts are the Antarctica and Arctic. The area of Sahara desert spans on 3.6 million square miles.  You can compare it with the size of China or United States.

Sahara Desert Camel

Sahara Desert Camel

Sahara Desert Facts 3: the unique news about Sahara

The dinosaur fossil was found in Sahara desert. You can also see the tall sand dune in the desert. It has the height at 590 feet.

Sahara Desert Facts 4: the meaning of Sahara

The word Sahara is taken from the Arabic word. It means the greatest desert. You can find a lot of features in Sahara such as san seas, sand dunes, stone plateaus, salt flats, streams, oases, rivers, mountains, gravel plans, and dry valleys.

Sahara Desert Facts

Sahara Desert Facts

Sahara Desert Facts 5: sparse grassland

The sparse grassland can be spotted in Sahara desert. It is located in the southern part and northern parts of the desert. You can also go to the highlands of Sahara.

Sahara Desert Facts 6: the land formation

The land formation which includes to the establishment of dry valleys, dune fields, sand dunes and salt flats is because of the occasional rain and wind.

Facts about Sahara Desert

Facts about Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Facts 7: Emi Koussi

Emi Koussi is considered as the highest point in Sahara desert.

Sahara Desert Facts 8: the rivers and streams

The streams and rivers that people can find in Sahara desert are not permanent. They are seasonal.  The permanent one is the Nile River.

Sahara Desert Picture

Sahara Desert Picture

Sahara Desert Facts 9: the underground water sources

Living in Sahara is very difficult due to the limited water sources. But you can find the underground water sources which come in into oases such as the Timimoun, Kufra and Siwa. Find out another desert in Kalahari Desert facts.

Sahara Desert Facts 10: the precipitation

The Sahara desert only gets 3.9 inches of rain per year.

Sahara Desert Facts

Sahara Desert Facts

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