10 Interesting the Independence Hall Facts

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One of the important historical buildings in United States is explained on The Independence Hall Facts. The debate related to the United States Constitution and United States Declaration of Independence occurred here. The location of the building is in the center of Independence National Historical Park. You just have to come to Philadelphia to check it. Here are other interesting facts about the independence hall:

The Independence Hall Facts 1: the completion of Independence Hall

In 1753, the construction of Independence Hall completed.  The Province of Pennsylvania functioned the building as the colonial legislature. Later, the building was dubbed as Pennsylvania State House.

The Independence Hall Facts 2: the meeting place

In 1775 until 1783, the meeting place for the Second Continental Congress was located in Independence Hall. During the summer of 1787, the Constitutional Convention was conducted here.

The Independence Hall

The Independence Hall

The Independence Hall Facts 3: the importance of Independence Hall

Independence Hall is considered as an important building in United States because of its history. There is no need to wonder that it makes to the list of World Heritage Site.  The Independence National Historical Park houses Independence Hall.

The Independence Hall Facts 4: a state house

The residents of Philadelphia wanted to have their own state house. Therefore, they created a petition by the spring of 1729.

The Independence Hall Pictures

The Independence Hall Pictures

The Independence Hall Facts 5: the site for the construction

There was a committee formed to acquire the plans, select the site and contract the builder for executing the construction of the building. The members of the committee were Thomas Lawrence, Andrew Hamilton and Dr. John Kearsley.

The Independence Hall Facts 6: the trustees

Purchasing the land and building funds were the responsibilities of the trustees. They were William Allen and Hamilton.

The Independence Hall Pic

The Independence Hall Pic

The Independence Hall Facts 7: the land for state house

The trustees tried to do their responsibility by purchasing a lot of lands located on Chestnut Street by October 1730.

The Independence Hall Facts 8: the tensions among the committee members

The committee members involved in the construction of state house were in tensions because of disagreement related to the structural plan of the building as well as the building site. Look at facts about American History here.

The Independence Hall Facts

The Independence Hall Facts

The Independence Hall Facts 9: House of Representatives

To end the disagreement, the House of Representative took site on Hamilton so that he had a full control over the building project. Check facts about the House of Parliament here.

The Independence Hall Facts 10: the design

If you look at the design of Independence Hall, it reflects the Georgian style. The building is created from red bricks.

The Independence Hall Building

The Independence Hall Building

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