10 Interesting the Coorong Facts

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Check the interesting The Coorong Facts in the following post below.  The location of this national park is in South Australia. You can reach it easily for it is 97 miles or 156 km from the southeast of Adelaide. Younghusband Peninsula at the southern side of Coorong and the lagoon ecosystem called Coorong is located in the Coorong National Park. Get other interesting facts about Coorong reading the following post below?

The Coorong Facts 1: the origin of Coorong

The name Coorong was taken from the Aboriginal name kurangh. The meaning of this word is long neck. The local aboriginal people call it Kurangh because the lagoon system resembles the shape of a long neck. But some people believe that the name Coorong means sand dune in Aboriginal word because Younghusband Peninsula is mainly formed by the sand dunes.

The Coorong Facts 2: the Coorong Lagoon

You have to reach the Murray Mouth if you want to know the western end of the lagoon.

Facts about The Coorong

Facts about The Coorong

The Coorong Facts 3: the area covered by the park

The Coorong National Park encompasses various locations such as the Younghusband Peninsula and Coorong.

The Coorong Facts 4: Goolwa Barrages

Goolwa Barrages was constructed in the end of 1930s. Thus, it was separated from Lake Alexandria.



The Coorong Facts 5: the purpose for the Coorong National Park

In 1966, Coorong National Park was established. The main function of the park was to converse the fish, animals and bird species which lived in the area.

The Coorong Facts 6: the drought

Australia experiences the regular drought. Due to this natural phenomenon, many species of animals decided to stay in the park as a refuge.

The Coorong Pic

The Coorong Pic

The Coorong Facts 7: the area of the park

Coorong National Park spans on the area at 180 square miles or 467 square km.  It has coastal vegetation, lagoons and coastal dune system.

The Coorong Facts 8: the unique features of Coorong

Coorong is famous because of the unique natural features. The groundwater and rainfall in the area is affected by the interaction between Murray River and sea water. Check facts about Tahiti here.

The Coorong

The Coorong

The Coorong Facts 9: the freshwater and sea water

The sea water in Coorong supports the life of the birds. The other animals are supported by the freshwater.

The Coorong Facts 10: the popularity of Coorong

The fishers like to visit the waters in Coorong. They can do recreational activities here. Do you know that the movie Storm Boy released in 1977 was filmed in Coorong? Get facts about the Burren here.

The Coorong Facts

The Coorong Facts

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