10 Interesting the Dead Sea Facts

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The Dead Sea facts preset the unique information about an interesting saltwater lake. Even though the name sea is attached to the Dead Sea, it is actually not a sea. You will never find any marine plants or even animals on the Dead Sea due to the high intensity of salt in the water.  It is very impossible for the animal and plants to survive. Read more facts for further explanation about Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea Facts 1: salt

The saltiest body of water in the world is located in Dead Sea. The content of the salt in Dead Sea is around 33 percent. That’s why; there are no animals and plants living in this lake.

The Dead Sea Facts 2: Cleopatra

Even though the Dead Sea is very salty, the queen Cleopatra loved this body of water so much. When it was in her reign, she wanted the resorts and cosmetic factories built on the shore of Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Pic

Dead Sea Pic

The Dead Sea Facts 3: floating body

Many people love to visit the Dead Sea since they do not have to swim when playing on the water. They people can lay on the surface of the water. There is no need to try to float. The high intensity of salt automatically makes your body float on the surface.

The Dead Sea Facts 4: bitter salt

Don’t compare the Dead Sea salt with the table salt that you own at home. You can taste it much bitterer then the one at home.

a man in Dead Sea

a man in Dead Sea

The Dead Sea Facts 5: water

The water occupied the Dead Sea actually comes from the rivers and streams. However, these bodies of water do not flow in the sea.

The Dead Sea Facts 6: mud

The mud on the Dead Sea was very valuable for the ancient Egyptians people. They will use this mud in the process of mummification to preserve the body of the deceased people.

Dead Sea Facts

Dead Sea Facts

The Dead Sea Facts 7: name

Around a hundred years ago, the Dead Sea was called by the people with the name the stinky sea. There are many kinds of minerals that you can find on the water of Dead Sea. Some of them include bromide, potassium, saline, iodine, and calcium. You can find those minerals inside our body.

The Dead Sea Facts 8: Asphalt

There is a bizarre phenomenon in Dead Sea. You can see the surface of the Dead Sea is filled with asphalt. This phenomenon is called by the Greek people with Lake Asphaltites.

Dead Sea vacation

Dead Sea vacation

The Dead Sea Facts 9: climate

People love to visit Dead Sea and enjoy the climate in the area. All years around, the climate in dead is dry, warm and sunny. It will be a perfect vacation to tan your skin.

The Dead Sea Facts 10: Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the 20th century. You can see the ancient writing of Essences on the scrolls.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

The lowest elevation on the earth is located in the Dead Sea. Many experts that Dead Sea are 3 million years old. Do you have any question on facts about Dead Sea?

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