10 Interesting Mount Tambora Facts

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Enjoy the interesting Mount Tambora Facts if you want to know one of the stratovolcanos located in Indonesia. Based on the history, Mount Tambora had created a big explosion. This volcano is located in the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. Get the detail facts about Mount Tambora below:

Mount Tambora Facts 1: stratrovolcano

As I have stated before, Mount Tambora is included as a stratovolcano. It means that it has some layers of ash and lava produced from the preceded explosions. The volcano is very steep and large.

Mount Tambora Facts 2: power

The power of the eruption in Mount Tambora made people amazed. It was considered as one of the biggest eruptions in 19th century.

Mount Tambora Caldera

Mount Tambora Caldera

Mount Tambora Facts 3: steam

The steam produced by Mount Tambora was increased six months before the eruption. The mountain erupted on 5 April 1815.

Mount Tambora Facts 4: small eruptions

Actually there were many small eruptions before the biggest explosion in 1815. The small eruptions blew out the ash. People living 850 miles away could hear the thunder like sound produced from the mountain. The big explosion was experienced from 10 April to 11 April 1815.

Mount Tambora Eruption

Mount Tambora Eruption

Mount Tambora Facts 5: three columns of fire

The explosion of Mount Tambora was massive.  The history stated that there were three columns of fire produced by the eruptions. People always described it as rising to a great height.   In the center of the mountain, you can see a caldera formed as a cause of the big explosion. In July 2011, people could see a remnant on the mountain.

Mount Tambora Facts 6: effect

The effect of Mount Tambora’s eruption is not only felt by the people in Indonesia, but also in the world.  The people living 300 miles away from the mountain felt the effect. There were more than 30 cubic miles of volcanic risk, magma and ash blowing out from the mountain.

Mount Tambora Facts

Mount Tambora Facts

Mount Tambora Facts 7: a year without summer

The people who lived in 1815 had to experience a year without summer. The amount of sunlight was decreased because of the ash which covered the sky.

Mount Tambora Facts 8: the global cooling down

The phrase a year without summer was not only seen in Indonesia. The people in the Northern Hemisphere including North America had to face the similar situation.

Mount Tambora Pictures

Mount Tambora Pictures

Mount Tambora Facts 9: other cooling effects

The eruptions of mountain in the world which had the similar cooling effect just like 1815 Mount Tambora eruption include 1883 Mount Krakatoa eruption and 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in Philippines.

Mount Tambora Facts 10: caldera

The caldera produced by the eruption of Mount Tambora has the width of 3 miles and the depth of 3,600 feet. Check another caldera in Mount Vesuvius facts.

Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora

It is a surprising fact to know that archeologists found out two adult bodies buried around Mount Tambora in 2004. Are you interested to ask questions on facts about Mount Tambora?

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