10 Interesting Kerala Facts

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Find out the interesting tourism objects by reading Kerala facts. Kerala is one of the best cities in India. People love to visit Kerala because they want to know the history, culture and tourism objects in the city. You can visit it anytime you want with family or spouse. Here are the amazing facts about Kerala:

Kerala Facts 1: king Chera

Do you know that King Chera is considered as the first ruler in Kerala? He came from Vanchi. In the 14th century, the people used Malayalam as their language. The people in Kerala can distinguish themselves from the Tamil people because they are associated with the second Chera Empire.

Kerala Facts 2: celestial land

Kerala is famous as a celestial land. It means that this city is the God’s own country.  When people come to Kerala, they are amazed with the scenic beauty and natural land. You can find plantation along the coast of southwestern India. This is a good spot for tropical vacation.

Kerala Beauty

Kerala Beauty

Kerala Facts 3: area

The city of Kerala lies on the 38,862 km. There are 14 districts in Kerala. Each of them has unique tradition, custom and culture. That’s why people love to know the diverse culture by visiting Kerala.

Kerala Facts 4: location

Let’s define the location of Kerala.  On the east side of the city, it is bordered by the Western Ghats. On the west area, you can see the Arabian Sea.

Kerala Facts

Kerala Facts

Kerala Facts 5: regions

There are three regions that you can find on the state of Kerala. Those are the fertile midland, the coastal lowland and the highland. The lowland is characterized with deltas and endless backwater. Find out another interesting region in Karachi facts.

Kerala Facts 6: the midland

The midland in Kerala is very fertile. Therefore, you can see valley and hills used as the plantations.  The local people use the area to plant pepper, rice, banana, ginger, tapioca, cashew, coconut, sugarcane and rice.

Kerala Pic

Kerala Pic

Kerala Facts 7: the high land

If you visit the high land slope area in Kerala, you can find rubber, coffee, and tea plantations. There are some forests used as the wildlife reservation area. The height of the highland is around 900 m to 1500 m.

Kerala Facts 8: humid tropical wet climate

Kerala lies on the tropical region. Therefore, it has humid tropical wet climate.  In average, the rain comes around 3,107 to 7,030 crore m3 per year.

Kerala Travels

Kerala Travels

Kerala Facts 9: the most advanced state

It is amazing to know that Kerala is an advanced state in India.  Most people are high school educated.  The literacy rate in Kerala is very high.

Kerala Facts 10: population

There are at least 32 million people living in Kerala.



Talking about the healthcare system, the state has advanced system. The poor, middle class and high class people can access the modern hospital. Are you amazed with facts about Kerala?

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