10 Interesting the Roman Army Facts

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One of the most powerful ancient armies in the world is elaborated on the Roman Army Facts. The forces of army covered all Romans deployed during the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and Roman Empire. The Periods were covered in Ancient Rome. In the Latin, the army was called exercitus romanus. The Roman Empire was the period which lasted from 31 BC to 395/476 AD, while Roman Republic took place in 500 to 31 BC. The Roman Kingdom occurred circa 500 BC. All periods always involved the presence of Roman Army. Here are other interesting facts about the Roman Army below:

The Roman Army Facts 1: the presence of Roman Army

By looking at the period of ancient Roman History, Roman Army had served for least 2,000 years.

The Roman Army Facts 2: the developments

The long period allowed the Roman Army to develop themselves in term of tactics, organizations, equipment, weapons and composition. However, they still preserved the lasting tradition.

the roman army

the roman army

The Roman Army Facts 3: the early Roman army

The male citizens were included in the compulsory levy that had to serve in the Roman Army. During the early years, the professional forces or standing army had not been established. Get facts about Roman soldiers here.

The Roman Army Facts 4: the standard levy in Regal Era

The regal era took place circa 500 BC. There were 9,000 men included in a standard levy. It consisted of 600 equites celeries or light cavalry, 2,400 light-armed infantry and 6,000 heavily armed infantry.

the roman army uniform

the roman army uniform

The Roman Army Facts 5: the organization of army in mid-Republic

During the mid-Republic, Roman Army would fight by applying the manipular organization. A small unit called maniples consisted of 120 men. They would be arranged in three lines. The introduction of this structure was to increase the flexibility as well as the tactical strength.

The Roman Army Facts 6: The Second Punic War

The third element was introduced in the Roman army during the second Punic war, which took place in 218 to 201 BC.

the roman army images

the roman army images

The Roman Army Facts 7: who was the third element?

The third element featured the slingers from Balearic Islands, Cretan archers, Numidian light cavalry and non-Italian mercenaries.

The Roman Army Facts 8: the senior officers in the Roman Army

The election was conducted at the People’s Assembly to choose the senior officers like the Roman Consuls who served as the commander in chief in the Roman Army.

the roman army pictures

the roman army pictures

The Roman Army Facts 9: who would serve as the senior officers?

The senior officers should be from the members of the Roman knightly order called equites.

The Roman Army Facts 10: the exclusion

The military would never include the convicts, slaves, freedmen, vagrants and elders.  Get facts about Roman slaves here.

the roman army facts

the roman army facts

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