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Thursday, August 25th 2016. | Military

If you are interested to find out more information about USMC or the United States Marine Corps, check The Marine Facts. The marine is responsible to provide power projection.  In the United States Department of Defense, the marine is considered as one of the four armed service branches. A Marine Corps General is the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  In the United States armed forces, this general is the highest-ranking military officer. Check other valuable facts about the marine below:

The Marine Facts 1: U.S. Department of the Navy

Since 30th June 1834, the marine has been a part of the Department of Navy in United States. The naval forces and marine forces work hand in hand in the field of logistic, transportation and training.

The Marine Facts 2: the posts of the marine

If you think that the posts of the marine are only abroad sea, you are wrong. They also operate the land posts.  It has marine fighter attack squadron and amphibious warfare ships.

The Marine Facts

The Marine Facts

The Marine Facts 3: the Continental Marines

On 10th November 1775, there were two battalions established in the Continental Marines in Philadelphia.

The Marine Facts 4: the jobs of the marine

Since its first establishment, the marine was responsible for fighting on shore and at sea. Now the job of the marine is expanded.

The Marine Pictures

The Marine Pictures

The Marine Facts 5: the nickname

The marine is often called as the second land army or the third force in America because their expanded job for aerial warfare too.

The Marine Facts 6: the wars and conflicts

There have been many wars and conflicts participated by the marine. During the World War 2, it provided the cornerstone of the war due to the presence of amphibious warfare.

The Marine Pic

The Marine Pic

The Marine Facts 7: amphibious warfare

The amphibious warfare is considered as the prominent practice of the United Marine Corps by the mid-20th century. Check facts about the Air Force here.

The Marine Facts 8: the members of the U.S. marine

There are 38,900 reserve marines and 182,000 active duty members of marines as of 2016.

The Marine Images

The Marine Images

The Marine Facts 9: the marine band

Thomas Jefferson dubbed the marine band as the President’s Own. When the White House launches state functions, the marine band provides the music. Find facts about the FBI here.

The Marine Facts 10: the marine corps ranks

There are three categories of ranks. They are the enlisted, warrant officer and commissioner officer. The marine ranks will be included in one of those categories.

The Marine

The Marine

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