10 Interesting Army Facts

Sunday, June 2nd 2013. | Military

When reading army facts, you will be shocked. Army is considered as the men who have to go to the war when their country is threatened and attacked. When it comes about army, the country has to spend a lot of cash for war is not cheap.  Both sides need to use the money to win it to pay for the soldiers, weapons and many more. Here are interesting army facts that you need to learn:

Army Facts 1: Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan was over few years ago but the cost for building and maintaining the situation in this country is not cheap. The money used every day is higher compared to the cast that the government uses to rebuild Pentagon.

Army Facts 2: Defense mechanism

Today the government needs to give more budgets to the defense mechanism in the country to prevent the act of terrorism. The cost is increased since WWII. Read World War 2 facts for detail info.

Army Facts

Army Facts

Army Facts 3: US military expense

It is reported that the expense of US military is increased for about 114 % for the last thirteen years. Compared to the cold war, the expense is only 8 percent higher.

Army Facts 4: Money in Iraq

One of the biggest wars in the modern day occurred in Iraq in 2007. The fund wasted for the war in Iraq is around 11 billion. The high amount of money is more beneficial if it is used to pay the salaries of 220,000 teachers.

Army in War

Army in War

Army Facts 5: Army facilities and bases

The area used by the US facilities and bases is around 15,654 square miles. The area is totally wide for it is bigger than the combined New Jersey and Washington DC.

Army Facts 6: Radiation victim

The war is in tension right now for many countries wants to test their nuclear system. In US, the government has to prepare at least $1, 5 billion as the compensation for the radiation victims. This amount actually can be used by the government to give good education for more than 13,000 kids.

Interesting Army Facts

Interesting Army Facts

Army Facts 7: Soldiers in Iraq

The expense that the government has to pay for one soldier in Iraq can be used to raise at least 60 families.

Army Facts 8: The Pentagon

Pentagon is the base of US army. The money used in the department for war is definitely higher compared to the cost that the fifty states in US uses to develop the welfare, education, safety and health. This department also gets 80 percent from the income tax revenue of the US people. War had been recognized since George Washington presidency. Note the detail on George Washington facts.

Protest Againts War

Protest Against War

Army Facts 9: Pentagon and Iraq

Pentagon cannot be separated from the war in Iraq. Every minute this department has to pay more cash than an American within a year.

Army Facts 10: Defense department

Defense department still exists even though the Soviet Union has been collapsed several years ago. The department mostly is based in Europe. It consists of admirals, civilians and generals.



War has never been easy for anyone. The money used by the government for war is wasted. By knowing the facts about army, you will realize that war is not really good for both sides have to spend more money and sacrifice the welfare of the victims.

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