10 Interesting Siegfried Sassoon Facts

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Siegfried Sassoon Facts present the information about the English poet, soldier and writer.  He was born on 8th September 1886 and died on 1st September 1967. During the World War 1, Sassoon received the status as one of the prominent poets.  Most of his works depicted the pretension of patriotism satirically. He also displayed the horrors faced by the soldiers in the trenches. Check facts about Sassoon below:

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 1: “Soldier’s Declaration” of 1917

“Soldier’s Declaration” of 1917 is one of the prominent works of Sassoon where he disagreed with the prolongation of war.  Get facts about the Mary Rose here.

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 2: Wilfred Owen

Sassoon was affected a lot of by the point of view Wilfred Owen. Both became friends after Sassoon was in a military psychiatric hospital.

siegfried sassoon former home

siegfried sassoon former home

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 3: “Sherston trilogy”

“Sherston trilogy” is another famous work of Sassoon. The fictionalized autobiography was available in three volumes. They were in prose.  Look at facts about the Roman army here.

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Sassoon was located in Matfield, Kent in Weirleigh mansion. The name of mansion was taken from the name of the Harrison Weir who built the neo-gothic mansion.

siegfried sassoon death

siegfried sassoon death

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 5: parents

His mother was Theresa. She was an Anglo-Catholic. On the other hand, his father Alfred Ezra Sassoon was Jewish.

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 6: the family life

His parents separated when Sassoon was four. His mother would stay inside the drawing room when his father had a weekly visit on his sons.

siegfried sassoon grave

siegfried sassoon grave

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 7: The Daffodil Murderer (1913)

Sassoon created a parody of The Everlasting Mercy written by John Masefield by publishing The Daffodil Murderer (1913). It was considered as the first literary success of Sassoon.

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 8: joining the British Army

Sassoon was interested to enter the service for British Army due to his patriotism. On 4 August 1914, he was in the Sussex Yeomanry. At that time, Britain made a declaration to have a war with Germany.

siegfried sassoon facts

siegfried sassoon facts

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 9: the death of his younger brother

Hamo was the younger brother of Sassoon who died during the Gallipoli Campaign.

Siegfried Sassoon Facts 10: the horror of the trenches

Sassoon depicted the horror living in the trenches with the details related to the suicide, filth, mangled limbs and rotting corpses. Sassoon was also known as a brave soldier. One of the brave events that he conducted was when he scattered 60 German soldiers using his grenades.

siegfried sassoon front

siegfried sassoon front

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