10 Interesting the Air Force Facts

Tuesday, January 12th 2016. | Military

The Air Force Facts tell you about the army air located in various countries in the world.  The main function of this organization is to carry out the aerial warfare.  The air force is very different from navy, army or even Marine Corps. There are various jobs of air force. It can give support to the naval forces or even land forces. Moreover, it can carry the tactical bombing mission or even strategic mission. The air area is controlled by the air forces. Here are some interesting facts about the air force to note:

The Air Force Facts 1: the elements of air force

There are various elements of air force. Those include transport planes, helicopters, bombers, fighters, aircrafts and many more.

The Air Force Facts 2: the types of operations

The operation of air force can be associated with the communication equipment, intercontinental ballistic missiles and military space.

The Air Force Facts

The Air Force Facts

The Air Force Facts 3: the air defense assets

The countries in the world may have various types of air defense assets which include the defensive systems, anti ballistic missile warning networks, surface to air missiles and anti aircraft artillery. All of them usually are under the command of air force.

The Air Force Facts 4: the ground support staff

The ground support staff is needed to make sure that the air forces can function well. The air crew will supported by this staff. The fuel technicians, loadmasters, mechanics and engineers assist the aircrew in the air force.

The Air Force Pic

The Air Force Pic

The Air Force Facts 5: other supporting personnel

The air force staff is very different from the civilian air staff for the supporting personnel such as the weapon engineers, defense troops, and air intelligence staffs have different roles.

The Air Force Facts 6: the divisions

The division of air force depends on the countries in the world. The squadrons, groups and commands are used to divide the Royal Air Force or United Air Force.

The Air Force Picture

The Air Force Picture

The Air Force Facts 7: China the Air Force

There are four departments in China the Air Force headquarters. Those are Equipment, Logistic, Political and Command. Find facts about military here.

The Air Force Facts 8: as an Army

Spain and France call the air force as an Army. The infantry unit of French Air Force is Fusiliers Commandos de l’Air.

The Air Force

The Air Force

The Air Force Facts 9: infantry

In some cases, the air forces have the infantry. They are used to protect the ground based defense of air force facilities and air bases. It can be seen in Royal Australian Air Force Airfield and Royal Air Force Regiment. Get facts about submarines here.

The Air Force Facts 10: the specialist roles

There are several types of specialist roles taken by the infantry air forces. It includes CBRN or Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear.

Facts about The Air Force

Facts about The Air Force

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