10 Interesting Submarine Facts

Tuesday, November 3rd 2015. | Military

Submarine Facts tell you about the watercraft which can be used underwater. It is always associated with a boat rather a ship if you check it based on the naval tradition. There were various navies in the world which adopted the design of submarines in 19th century. Today you can find a lot of navies in the world using the small, medium or large submarines. Check other interesting facts about submarines below:

Submarine Facts 1: the first usage of submarine

In 1914 until 1918, the submarines were widely used by the navies for the first time. It was during the First World War.

Submarine Facts 2: the military usage

In most cases, submarines were used for military.  The navies can use it for attacking enemy submarine, surface ships, ballistic missile submarines, blockade running, conventional land attack and many more.

Facts about Submarines

Facts about Submarines

Submarine Facts 3: the civilian usage

The submarines are used by the civilians for various purposes such as for exploration, facility maintenance, marine science, facility inspection and salvage.

Submarine Facts 4: the modification

The scientists can perform modification on the submarines for various purposes. For instance, you can use it for undersea cable repair for the search and rescue mission. In some cases, people also use it for undersea archeology or tourism.

Submarine facts

Submarine facts

Submarine Facts 5: the shapes of submarines

If you check the shape of the large submarines, it has the vertical structure with cylindrical body. The end of the submarine has the conical or hemispherical shape. The sensing device, communication device and periscope usually are inside the amidships.

Submarine Facts 6: the European and American term

The structure of submarine is called fin in European usage. But it is called sail in American usage. Find army facts here.

Submarine Pictures

Submarine Pictures

Submarine Facts 7: other features

Other features which make the submarine work well underwater are the hydrodynamic control fins and propeller located at the rear end.

Submarine Facts 8: buoyancy

The submarine is very different from the regular ships for you can see it under water. The buoyancy is reduced to make it submerge inside the water. When the people want to make it on the surface of water, they have to increase the buoyancy. It is important for the people to know the concept of buoyancy to know how the submarine works.

Facts about Submarines

Facts about Submarines

Submarine Facts 9: Russian Typhoon class

Russian Typhoon class is one of the biggest submarines every built in the world. This submarine can remain underwater for 6 months. The small submarine can only submerge for few hours. It is used to accommodate one or two persons. Get facts about military here.

Submarine Facts 10: anti surface ship warfare

The anti surface ship warfare was the main role of the submarines during the Second World War.



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