10 Interesting Roman Soldiers Facts

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Roman Soldiers Facts talk about the Roman army which owned by Roman kingdom, Roman republic, Roman Empire and then East Roman. The term Roman soldiers had been used for more than 2,000 years. The forces involved the organization, tactics and equipments to maintain this tradition. Get more facts about Roman soldiers by reading the following post below:

Roman Soldiers Facts 1: the successful army

Roman soldiers are considered as one of the successful armies in the world.  They were well organized, well equipped and well trained. To make sure that this large empire was in great management and control, the Roman road which connected all regions to Rome was needed. Get facts about Roman Road here.

Roman Soldiers Facts 2: who were the soldiers?

The Roman citizens became the soldiers of Rome. They had to fight for Rome for 20 years if they decided to become a soldier. After 20 years, they would be awarded with a large sum of money or land.

Roman Soldier

Roman Soldier

Roman Soldiers Facts 3: how to become a great soldier?

After they signed as a Roman army, they had to follow the training. It made them become an experienced soldier.

Roman Soldiers Facts 4: the non citizens of Rome

Actually the non citizens of Roman could become a soldier if they fought for Rome for 25 years. Then they would be granted with Roman citizenship. The citizenship was very important for it gave them a lot of privileges.

Roman Soldiers Facts

Roman Soldiers Facts

Roman Soldiers Facts 5: the organization of Roman soldiers

Roman soldiers were divided into legions. There were 5,400 soldiers in each legion. The leader of a legion was called a Legate.  The people who got this high position usually were a governor or a senator.

Roman Soldiers Facts 6: the legions

There were 10 groups of soldiers called cohorts. It made up the legions of Roman army. A cohort was divided against into centauries. Each century had 80 soldiers. The centurions were the leaders or officers of a century.


Roman Soldiers Images

Roman Soldiers Images

Roman Soldiers Facts 7: the armor

The Roman soldiers had strong and powerful armor.  It was made of strong armor. The head and neck were protected by using the iron helmet.

Roman Soldiers Facts 8: weapons

Can you tell me the weapons that Roman soldiers used? They used gladius/sword, pugio or digger, hasta/spear, brown and arrows and javelin.

Roman Soldiers Pic

Roman Soldiers Pic

Roman Soldiers Facts 9: Gaius Marius

Gaius Marius was the famous Roman general and consul who contributed transforming the Roman army. Get facts about Roman Empire here.

Roman Soldiers Facts 10: the number of army

The number of Roman army was more than 150,000 soldier or 30 legions.

Roman Soldiers

Roman Soldiers

Are you impressed with facts about Roman soldiers?

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