10 Interesting the Mary Rose Facts

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The Mary Rose Facts present the information about a warship used by the English Tudor Navy. At that time, English was under the reign of King Henry VIII. On 19 July 1945, Mary Rose was not used anymore after 33 years serving for England in some wars against Brittany, Scotland and France. In 1536, the ship was reconstructed. Let us check other interesting facts about Mary Rose below:

The Mary Rose Facts 1: the sinking

Mary Rose sank in the straits located north of Island of Wight called the Solent when it was against the French fleet.

The Mary Rose Facts 2: rediscovery

In 1971, Mary Rose was rediscovered. The Mary Rose Trust decided to salvage the wreck in 1982. This project cost a lot of money due to the complexity. Get facts about the Roman Army here.

facts about the mary rose

facts about the mary rose

The Mary Rose Facts 3: artifacts

The artifacts were saved during the project, which included the naval supplies, sailing equipment weapons and many objects of the crew. They represent the Tudor period. Read facts about the marine here.

The Mary Rose Facts 4: a hot topic

After the findings were recovered, the people were impressed with unique qualities of the objects. They had many topics to discuss related to the findings, which centered on the musical instruments and naval weapons.

the mary rose facts

the mary rose facts

The Mary Rose Facts 5: the display of the hull

You can visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard if you are interested to check the remains of the hull of Mary Rose closely. They have been displayed there since the mid 1980s.

The Mary Rose Facts 6: Mary Rose Museum

If you want to check out the complete display of the Mary Rose’s artifacts, you need to visit Mary Rose Museum.

the mary rose

the mary rose

The Mary Rose Facts 7: the important role

Mary Rose played an important role in more than three decades for English navy. The warship was large which featured various kinds of heavy guns and weapons.

The Mary Rose Facts 8: why did it sink?

There is no clear explanation related to the cause of Mary Rose’s sinking. The lack of evidence as well as the inconsistent testimonies created dispute related to the cause.

the mary rose rigging block

the mary rose rigging block

The Mary Rose Facts 9: the materials

The experts estimated that the construction of Mary Rose required the high quality material. It was believed that it needed 600 large oaks to make the ship.

The Mary Rose Facts 10: the site of construction

Portsmouth was the site for constructing Mary Rose in 1510. In July 1511, the ship was launched.

the mary rose images

the mary rose images

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