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Find out The FBI Facts in the below post. FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The function of FBI is as a federal law enforcement agency which handles the domestic security service and intelligence in US. There are around 200 categories of federal crimes included under the jurisdiction of FBI. The reports that FBI creates will be sent to Director of National Intelligence and Attorney General.

The FBI Facts 1: the function of FBI

FBI has a unique function in United States. This organization focuses on the criminal investigation, counterintelligence and counterterrorism. The national security is supported through the function of FBI.  People often compare the role of FBI with Russian FSB and British MI5.

The FBI Facts 2: FBI and CIA

FBI and CIA are two bodies of organization which have different functions in United States. FBI is considered as a domestic agency, while CIA is functioned to collect the overseas intelligence.

FBI Facts

FBI Facts

The FBI Facts 3: the representative of Director of National Intelligence

The representative of Director of National Intelligence is served by FBI officer who has a senior level in a field office.

The FBI Facts 4: the number of FBI field office

Do you know the number of field offices that FBI has? It has 400 resident agencies and 56 field offices. The latter ones are located in big cities, while the lesser cities are occupied by the resident agencies.

FBI Image

FBI Image

The FBI Facts 5: the international issue

As I have stated before, FBI focuses more on the domestic issues. However, this agency also contributes to the international issues by having fifteen sub offices and 60 legal attaché. They can be found in the United States consulates and embassies.

The FBI Facts 6: the secret activities

Even though FBI focuses on the domestic issue, it is allowed for them to be engaged in international activities secretly.

FBI Officers

FBI Officers

The FBI Facts 7: the foundation of FBI

In 1908, FBI was founded as BOI or Bureau of Investigation. In 1935, the name BOI was altered into FBI.

The FBI Facts 8: the base of FBI office

J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington D.C. is considered as the base of FBI. Get facts about submarine here.



The FBI Facts 9: the weapon

The weapon owned by a special agent of FBI is a Glock 23 in .40 S&W caliber or a Glock Model 22 pistol. The agent will only get Glock 19 or Glock 17 if they are not qualified.

The FBI Facts 10: the famous agents

Some famous agents from FBI include Eric O’Neill, Edwin Atherton, J. Edgar Hoover, Ed Bethune, Richard Miller and many more. Find facts about the Air Force here.

FBI Pictures

FBI Pictures

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