10 Interesting the River Severn Facts

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Let us find out the longest river in UK on the River Severn Facts. The length of the river is measured at 354 kilometers or 220 miles. On average, River Severn has the discharge of water at 3,800 cubic feet per second. It flows through various areas in Britain like Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucester, Shrewsbury and Worcester. Check other interesting facts about River Severn below:

The River Severn Facts 1: the water flow

If we check the water flow of River Severn in Wales and England, it is called as the greatest river.

The River Severn Facts 2: the drainage basin area

The drainage basin of River Severn covers the area of 11,419 km square or 4,409 square miles. Check facts about the River Mersey here.

the river severn

the river severn

The River Severn Facts 3: the primary tributaries

Can you mention the primary tributaries of River Severn? They include Stour, Teme, Clywedog, Avon and Vyrnwy.

The River Severn Facts 4: the animals

The major animals, which live around River Severn, include the 5-spot Ladybird and waders.

the river severn image

the river severn image

The River Severn Facts 5: Ironbridge Gorge

In 1986, UNESCO designated Ironbridge Gorge as a World Heritage Site. It can be seen stretching over the river at 4.8 kilometers or 3 miles.

The River Severn Facts 6: the iron industry

The area around River Severn is notable due to the iron industry during the initial period of Industrial Revolution. The Iron Bridge located across River Severn inspired the people call their village and gorge as Ironbridge. The bridge was made of cast iron and established in 1779.

the river severn ferry

the river severn ferry

The River Severn Facts 7: the importance of River Severn

River Severn is very important for the people who live around the river. It provides them with enough water for drinking, irrigation, recreation, energy and food. People also use it for transportation route.

The River Severn Facts 8: Winnie the Pooh and friends

River Severn is also found in many popular cultures. One of them is in Winnie the Pooh and friends when they had the journey across River Severn.

the river severn facts

the river severn facts

The River Severn Facts 9: the beginning of River Severn

River Severn begins at Plynlimon, Cambrian Mountains, Wales. It is at the height of 2,001 feet or 610 meter.

The River Severn Facts 10: the River Thames

The River Thames is more famous than River Severn but the latter one takes the record as the longest river.

the river severn beauty

the river severn beauty

What do you think on facts about the River Severn?

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