10 Interesting Depression Facts

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The people who want to avoid depression and want to be free from any mental disease can read the following explanation about depression facts. Depression can affect people whether they are men or women. Everyone has different ways when they have to cope the problem. The weak people tend to face the state of depression that make them cannot think or even decide the right thing to do. Here are several facts about depression to understand:

Depression Facts 1: Risk Factors of Depression

There are several factors which lead people to experience the state of depression. Some of them include the family history of depression, major illness, and death, conflict with family members, loss, sexual violence, abusive behavior, emotional abuse, medication and physical abuse. People with schizophrenia also face the same ways. See schizophrenia facts here.

Depression Facts 2: Positive Events

You are wrong if you think that the sad event is the only one which can lead into the state of depression. You can face is when you experience the positive events such as when you get a new job; celebrate birth day or even graduation party.

Depression fact

Depression fact

Depression Facts 3: People with Depression

In year, it is estimated that more than 20 million people are depressed. Get more info about it by looking at bipolar disorder facts.

Depression Facts 4: Depression on Women and Men

Women have higher risk when it comes about depression. Their chance to experience depression is twice higher compared to men. It is due to the fact that women have much estrogen which can contribute to the state of depression.

Depression Facts

Depression Facts

Depression Facts 5: American People and Depression

It is estimated that 1 from 4 people in Americans experience depression at one point in their life. Do you feel the same about it?

Depression Facts 6: Risk of Depression in Men

When men are in their midlife, they will have higher depression risk. It is due to the fact that in their midlife, their body will lower the productivity of testosterone.

Depression State

Depression State

Depression Facts 7: Different Means to Cope Depression

Men and women will choose different ways to cope their depression. Men tend to be abusive to forget about their depression, while women want to be listened since they feel hopeless. Men feel irritable when they are depressed.

Depression Facts 8: Low Bone Mineral Density

Some researchers find out that there is a link between depressions with low bone mineral densities. Many depressed women suffer from osteoporosis.



Depression Facts 9: Abraham Lincoln

Depression is not only faced by common people, but also famous people. It is stated that the president of US, Abraham Lincoln was depressed when his first love Ann Rutledge passed away.

Depression Facts10: Market Economies

One of the big sources of depression in this modern day is the US market economies. It contributes much the depressive state faced by many industrialists and workers.

Depressive Air

Depressive Air

Children may suffer from depression too. The NIH states that 4.9 percent of children face major depression, while 6 percent suffer from depression. Do you have more info on facts about depression?

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