10 Interesting Circulatory System Facts

Friday, December 6th 2013. | Human

Circulatory System facts is popular to discuss about. Our health is the greatest gift. It means you need to understand about any parts of the body. Well, circulatory system may become one of those important things to pay attention.

Circulatory System Facts 1: long in size

Circulatory system may amuse any people. First fact about it is related in the size. People can review that circulatory system is very long. It is about 60,000 miles if you stretch any part of it. The capillaries are the most major parts of such system. It is up to 80 percent.

Circulatory System Facts 2: red blood cells

In passing through blood vessels, red blood cells should squeeze to enter it. The fact about capillaries is about the size. The average size is 8 microns. It is about the size in diameter. The red blood cells have the similar size. It is the reason those cells should move thoroughly.

Circulatory System  images

Circulatory System images

Circulatory System Facts 3: big body slower heart rate

Different people have different heart rate. The unique information is that big body has slower heart rate. Average man has the rate of 75 beats for each minute. Yet, bigger man has slower heart rate than regular one. Even animal also has the same understanding.

Circulatory System Facts 4: heart can survive without body

Heart can survive without body. This fact is very noticeable. The reason is because it can produce own electric pulses. As long as the heart receives oxygen, it may active without body.

Circulatory System  on human

Circulatory System on human

Circulatory System Facts 5: study about circulatory system

There is a fact about the study of circulatory system. The fact, people have conducted study related to it for thousand years.

Circulatory System Facts 6: Wrong model

A shocking fact is about the wrong model followed by many physicians for almost 1500 years. This could lead into trouble then.

Circulatory System  pic

Circulatory System pic

Circulatory System Facts 7: special red blood cell

When any cells within body have nuclei, you may recognize red blood cell hasn’t. Red blood cell also has more room to carry oxygen.

Circulatory System Facts 8:  broken heart

The concept of broken heart can be true. It may lead into heart attack when people get depressed. Therefore, you need to know about it.

Circulatory System facts

Circulatory System facts

Circulatory System Facts 9: vein and blood

The color of the veins is blue. The color of the blood is red or darker. Sometimes you may find blue colored blood in certain area of veins.

Circulatory System Facts 10: space living

Astronauts can easily suffer from circulatory problem. The main reason is clear. It is about the effect of gravity.

Circulatory System

Circulatory System

Knowledge and facts about Circulatory System above I hope is enough to fulfill your necessities. If you demand more, you can do self review.

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