10 Interesting Human Body Facts

Wednesday, July 31st 2013. | Human

Human body facts give you an insight about the physical appearance for human. Human body is always associated with the knowledge about bones, heart, brain, eyes, muscles, legs, blood and skeletons. If you want to two the function of your body and its features look at the facts below:

Human Body Facts 1: IQ

Many people dream to have great IQ. It is stated that the people who have higher IQ will dream more. Your brain will be more active at night than the day. Look at nervous system facts for more brain information.

Human Body Facts 2: fingernails

Compared to the toe nails, your fingernails can grow four times faster. If you look your fingernail, can you tell which one can grow faster than other fingernails? It is the middle finger nail.

Human Body System

Human Body System

Human Body Facts 3: Human hair

Facial hair grows faster than any other hair in the body. A human hair can only last for about 3 up to seven years.

Human Body Facts 4: Heartbeat

Compared to men, women have faster heartbeat. In average people have the heart beat around 100000 per day.  If you do not trust me, you can count it yourself. Moreover, the smell sense of women is more sensitive than men’s. However, men tend to hiccup more often than women. Can you believe it?

Human Body facts

Human Body facts

Human Body Facts 5: Acid in the Stomach

Stomach contains acid that can be used to damage zinc.  The acid will never damage your stomach because the stomach wall is strong. It can repair the wound.

Human Body Facts 6: Blood

The blood of men and women inside the body is different. Women only have five liters of blood, while men have 6.8 liters of blood.

Human Cells

Human Cells

Human Body Facts 7: Cell in the Body

If you want to know the smaller cell in the body, it is taken by male sperm. The biggest one is the female egg.

Human Body Facts 8: Blue Eyes

When a baby is born you need to note on their eyes. All of their colors are blue. To know the baby true color, you need to wait until the melanin in the eyes is collected through the ultraviolet light.



Human Body Facts 9: Red Blood Cells

The main function of red blood cells is to carry oxygen around the body. The bone marrow is the place where the body will create red blood cells. To find out the biggest bones in human body, look at skeletal facts.

Human Body Facts 10: Color of Skin

Each person has different type of skin color. The people with larger amount of melanin in their body will have dark skin. The small amount of melanin in the body gives you light skin tone.



In your ear, it is located staples bone. It has the length at 2.8 millimeters. It is considered as the smallest bone in human body. In the entire of your life, the ear and nose keep growing until you die. Do you want to know more on facts about human body?

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