10 Interesting Eye Facts

Tuesday, January 21st 2014. | Human

Find out the real information about one of the main parts of body in eye facts. In your face, you can see many parts such as nose, check, chin, eye brows and eyes. Eyes are a very complex organ. You need to maintain the health of eyes if you are interested to see many things when you get older. Let’s see the facts about eyes below:

Eye Facts 1: blink

The people who have eyes always blink.  You only blind for about 1/10th in each second.

Eye Facts 2: healing

Eyes are magnificent body part. It has the power to heal without you use any drug. The corneal scratch can be repaired in 48 hours.

Eye Baby

Eye Baby

Eye Facts 3: brain

When you see a big object in the world, the brain will be involved when sending the information.

Eye Facts 4: tears

When people cry, the eyes will produce tears. However, the new born baby does not generate any tears. When he or she cries, they only generate the crying sound. They can produce the tears when they are around 4 to 13 weeks.

Eye Blue

Eye Blue

Eye Facts 5: blind people

The recent research state that there are more than 39 million people living with blind eyes.  But you can also see many people face the vision impairment around the world.

Eye Facts 6: eyeball transplant

Until this present day, the doctors have not had any idea on to transplant an eyeball. This treatment is very risky because the optic nerve for the eyes is very sensitive.  It only has a very low chance to get it successfully.

Eye Facts

Eye Facts

Eye Facts 7: cells on the eyes

Probably you do not know that the cells inside the eyes have various shapes. You can see colors because of the presence of the cone shaped cells.  You can see shapes because of the rod shaped cells.

Eye Facts 8: blink in a minute

Can you count on how many times you blink in a minute? In average, people will blink for around 12 times.

Eye Pic

Eye Pic

Eye Facts 9: heterochromia

Heterochromia is applied to you if you have different color on the eyes.

Eye Facts 10: colors of eyes

Even though there is no one in the family who has any green or blue eyes, the chance to have this color is still available in the next generation of your family.



Do you know the weight of your eyes? It is around 0.25 ounce. You have to take care your eyes carefully. You can maintain the health by eating carrot and tomatoes. Do you have any opinion on facts about eyes?

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