10 Interesting Taste Facts

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Get the information about the sensory impression of food on Taste Facts. People also call it gestation and gustatory perception. The tongue will be used to taste the food. The taste buds contain the taste receptor which enables the people to taste the food or drink. The people can perceive the sensation of the taste because the taste receptor cells will chemically react with the substance produced by the mouth. Check other interesting facts about taste below:

Taste Facts 1: the flavors of foods

You can determine the flavors of foods and other substances by using the taste, trigeminal nerve stimulation and smell.  The pain, texture and temperature will be registered from the trigeminal nerve stimulation.

Taste Facts 2: papillae

Papillae are the term used to call the small bumps located on the surface of the tongue.  The tongue has thousands of papillae.   There is no need for you to use microscope to spot papillae. Use the naked eyes to spot the papillae.

Facts about Taste

Facts about Taste

Taste Facts 3: the papilla

There are at least hundreds of taste buds located on each papilla of the tongue. The taste buds are not available on the filiform papillae.

Taste Facts 4: the number of taste buds

The back and front of the tongue contain around 2000 to 5000 taste buds. The other taste buds can be spotted in the throat, back of the mouth, sides of the mouth, and roof.



Taste Facts 5: the taste receptor cells

The taste receptor cells are available on the taste bud. There are around 50 to 100 taste receptor cells on each taste bud.

Taste Facts 6: the five basic tastes

Can you mention the five basic tastes? Those are umami, bitterness, saltiness, sourness and sweetness. The taste can be differentiated by the taste buds.

Taste Pic

Taste Pic

Taste Facts 7: the sourness and saltiness

If the taste buds have contact with the hydrogen ions or alkali metal, the people can taste sourness and saltiness. The people can enjoy the bitterness, umami and sweetness when the taste buds have contact with G protein-coupled receptors. Get facts about stomach here.

Taste Facts 8: the signs

In most cases, the warning sign of poison is always associated with bitterness. The energy rich food is identified by the presence of sweetness.

Taste Pictures

Taste Pictures

Taste Facts 9: the age

The age is one of the important factors which determine the strength of our taste. When we are older, the taste perception fades.

Taste Facts 10: the two most basic tastes

The two most basic tastes based on the view of Aristotle were bitter and sweet. Find facts about senses here.

Taste Facts

Taste Facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about taste?

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