10 Interesting Excretory System Facts

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Excretory system facts present the information about one of the main systems in human body. The excretory system involves the vital organs in the human body. To make the excretory system works properly, each organ involved in the system should be healthy. Therefore I will show your some interesting facts about excretory system.

Excretory System Facts 1: function

The excretory system has several functions. The organs in the system have the job to digest the food and filter the food. They can take away the toxin from the body.

Excretory System Facts 2: Kidney

One of the most important organs inside the body that you have to take care is the kidney. This organ is small but it is helpful to balance the minerals, vitamins, fat and proteins. The trash inside the body can be taken out by kidney.

Excretory System facts

Excretory System facts

Excretory System Facts 3: digestive system

There is a close relation between the digestive system and excretory system.  Both are attached with a passage used by the body to throw away the toxin and trash. The waste food is filtered by the kidney located on your left and right body.

Excretory System Facts 4: urine

Each day, people throw out 1.5 quarts of urine. Inside the urine, you can find out the liquids, mineral and vitamin that the body does not need anymore.

Excretory System Human

Excretory System Human

Excretory System Facts 5: human bladder

Do you know the weight of human bladder? Compared to a human brain, it seems that the bladder has similar weight and size.

Excretory System Facts 6: bile

We can say that a in a person’s lifetime, the liver can generate the bile around 6,500 oz.

Excretory System Facts 7: kidney

Human being has two kidneys located on the left and right side. During your lifetime, you can produce the urine for about 7,850,000,000,000 gallons.

Excretory System Facts 8: human bladder

It is a very interesting fact to know that the human bladder can take 400 milliliter of urine.

Excretory System

Excretory System

Excretory System Facts 9: function of urine

It you decide to urinate, you can do it on the garden or potted plants. Urine contains urea which can make the plants and flowers grow healthier.

Excretory System Facts 10: skin

You need to know that skin is also a part of excretory system. It helps the body to remove the toxin from the sweat.


Excretory System Kidney

Excretory System Kidney

The liver has the weight around 3 pounds. If you touch it, it seems rubbery. Do you have any suggestion on facts about excretory system?

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