10 Interesting the Ear Facts

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One of the important organs of human being is explained on The Ear Facts. There are three parts of ears. Those are inner ear, middle ear and outer ear. Ear is considered as an organ used for hearing. The visible area of ear is the outer part.  The ear canal and pinna are the elements of outer ear. Check other interesting facts about ear by reading the below post:

The Ear Facts 1: the middle and inner ear

There are several structures located inside the inner ears. The part responsible for hearing is cochlea. The balance when stationary is managed by utricle and saccule. The eye tracking and balance are managed by semicircular canals. The elements of middle ear are three ossicles and thympanic cavity.

The Ear Facts 2: the disease

You have to maintain the health of ears because they can be affected by various diseases. The common ones include the traumatic damage and infection.

The Ear Facts

The Ear Facts

The Ear Facts 3: other diseases

The other diseases which may affect the function of ears include vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss.

The Ear Facts 4: how to adorn ears

Since thousands of years ago, people have used earrings and other types of jewelry to adorn them. There are several people who conduct plastic surgery to improve the appearance of their ears.

The Ear Pic

The Ear Pic

The Ear Facts 5: the sound

The people can hear the sound if elements of ears which include inner ear, middle and outer ear function well. The outer ear will be the first element which will receive the sound waves. Then the middle ear will modulate the sound. The inner ear will recognize them as sound after the temporal lobe of brain receives the information.

The Ear Facts 6: the vibration

The vibration is spotted on the eardrums when the sound travels on ears.

The Ear

The Ear

The Ear Facts 7: the frequency

The frequency that human being can hear is around 20 Hz till 20 KHz. It is considered as audio range.

The Ear Facts 8: human deafness

Human deafness is defined as the extreme insensitivity of human to hear the sounds. The experts find out that the primary cause of deafness is related to the inner ear’s abnormality.

The Ear Image

The Ear Image

The Ear Facts 9: balance

Not many people realize that ears are very important to maintain balance. There are two types of balances affected by ears. Both are the dynamic balance and station balance.

The Ear Facts 10: injuries at the outer ear

Injuries may occur at the outer ears. Those include repeated twisting, burn, avulsion injuries and laceration.

Facts about The Ear

Facts about The Ear

Are you interested learning facts about the ears?

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