10 Interesting Kissing Facts

Tuesday, May 27th 2014. | Human

Here are the random Kissing facts that you need to learn.  Kissing is one of the activities that men and women do when they fall in love. Kiss was derived from the old English word cyssan.  It was named cyssan probably because of the sound that people made when they kiss.

Kissing Facts 1: philematology

Philematology is the science of kissing. If you are interested to find out more about the truth behind kissing, you need to learn this field of study.

Kissing Facts 2: lips

People are aroused when they kiss. It is due to the facts that out lips are more sensitive if you compare with the tips of the fingers. There is no need to wonder if the genital is as sensitive as the lips.



Kissing Facts 3: the right head

When people kiss, they often tip the head on the right side. The preference to tip the head on the right was orientated since the baby was in the womb.

Kissing Facts 4: the longest kiss every recorded

The longest kiss ever recorded in the world was conducted on 5 to 6 July 2005. At that time, a couple in London had locked lips for 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 second.

Kissing Baby

Kissing Baby

Kissing Facts 5: muscles in the face

If you do a pucker kiss, you will only use two muscles in the face. If you choose the French kiss, you can use 34 muscles in the face.

Kissing Facts 6: the lips vagina

People state that the lips of vagina resemble by the lips of women and men.

Kissing Pic

Kissing Pic

Kissing Facts 7: French kiss

French kiss is very popular around the world.  A couple will have a French kiss to show a passionate kissing.  This term was a part of the English language around 1923. In France, this kiss was used to merge two souls. Therefore, they often call French kiss as a soul kiss or tongue kiss. Check France facts here.

Kissing Facts 8: Roman kissing

There are three kinds of kissing based on the roman culture. The first one is the kiss of the cheek. It is called Osculum. The second kiss is called Basium.  The kiss is on the lips. The last one is a deep kiss, Savolium.

Kissing Pic

Kissing Pic

Kissing Facts 9: calories

If you want to burn the calories, you can do a passionate kissing.  In a minute, it can burn 6.4 calories.

Kissing Facts 10: orgasm

The orgasm for women is not only achieved by having a sexual intercourse. Women can have it when they perform deep and passionate kissing.

Kiss Kids

Kiss Kids

If you need more ideas about kissing, you can read 30 different kinds of kissing in Kamasutra. Are you satisfied with facts about Kissing?

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