10 Interesting Love Facts

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Love facts inform you with the dreadful, sweet and passionate feeling of human emotion. Many people always involve with love. Love is not only occurred between men and women, but also between parents and kids.  You are wrong if you think that love does not exist. Let’s find out more about love facts by seeing the post below:

Love Facts 1: Monogamous Relationships

Many people always think human being is considered as the most faithful species in the world. If you look at the animal kingdom, there are some creatures which have the monogamous relationship. Some of them include gibbons, wolves, swans, termites and albatrosses. Learn more on gibbon facts.

Love Facts 2: liking someone

Your body only needs four minutes to decide whether you like someone that you meet.  It can be seen on the tone, speed of voice, and body language.

Love Facts

Love Facts

Love Facts 3: Neurological Effects

When people fall in love, they feel happy. Actually this condition is linked with neurotically effect which is similar with the effect of cocaine. People can experience euphoria.

Love Facts 4: heart rate

When two persons who fall in love stare each others’ eyes, the heart rate will be synchronized. This condition can last for three minutes.

Love Hands

Love Hands

Love Facts 5: oxytocin hormone

The people who always feel headaches and pain need to cuddle to their spouse. When you embrace or cuddle, the body can produce more oxytocin. This hormone is good to decrease the headache.

Love Facts 6: relieving the pain

If you are in a long distance relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can look at his or her pictures. The researches find out that it also releases the pain.

Love Island

Love Island

Love Facts 7: Same Level of Attractiveness

The chance to hook up for people in a romantic relation is bigger if both share the similar level of attractiveness. If one is not in the similar level of attractiveness, one will look for other desirable qualities.

Love Facts 8: similar traits

Many people think that the couple who shares similar traits and characters can last for a long time. Actually it is not true because the opposite ones will attract people more.

Love Red

Love Red

Love Facts 9: Heartbreak

When people are heartbroken, they face the traumatizing feeling. Heartbreak is not only a metaphor because it really occurs on your heart.  You can feel the physical pain in the area of your heart.

Love Facts 10: Romantic Love

Romantic love cannot last longer. It can only live for a year. Then it will place the couple in the next stage called the committed love.



The perfect love can be defined with attachment, caring and intimacy. Do you agree with all facts about love?

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