10 Interesting Skeleton Facts

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Find out the internal framework of human body by reading Skeleton Facts. When the human being was born, they have 270 bones.  When they reach adulthood, the number of bones is only 206. It is due to the facts that some bones are fused together when they grow up. When you are 30 years old, the bones mass is in the maximum density. Here are other interesting facts about skeleton below:

Skeleton Facts 1: the division of human skeleton

There are two types of human skeleton. Those are the appendicular skeleton and axial skeleton.

Skeleton Facts 2: axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton

The skull, rib cage and vertebral column create the axial skeleton. The pectoral girdle, the bones of the upper and lower limbs and the pelvic girdle form the appendicular skeleton. This type of skeleton is attached on the axial skeleton.

Skeleton Facts

Skeleton Facts

Skeleton Facts 3: the function of human skeleton

There are several functions of human skeleton. Those include production of blood cells, protection, support, movement, endocrine regulation and iron storage.

Skeleton Facts 4: the male and female skeleton

The difference of male and female skeleton can be seen on the shape of some skeletons.  The male skeleton tends to look robust and bigger than the female skeleton. Get facts about reproductive system of human here.

Skeleton Picture

Skeleton Picture

Skeleton Facts 5: the axial skeleton

The top part of human being is supported by axial skeleton. It maintains the weight of trunk and head. There are many ligaments used to support the bone of spines.
Actually human is able to survive even though he or she only has axial skeleton.

Skeleton Facts 6: the appendicular skeleton

The appendicular skeleton is functioned for reproduction, excretion; protect the digestive organs and locomotion. There are 260 bones in this skeleton.

Skeleton Image

Skeleton Image

Skeleton Facts 7: the lung

The lung located inside the body will be collapsed if it is not supported by the costal cartilages, rib cages and intercostals muscles. Find out facts about lung here.

Skeleton Facts 8: the movement of the body

The movement of body can happen because of the combination of joints, bones and muscles.  The nervous system will coordinate the movement.



Skeleton Facts 9: the protection

The inner and middle ears, eyes and brain are protected by skull. The spinal cord is protected by the vertebrae. The blood vessels, heart and lungs are protected by sternum, spine and rib cage.

Skeleton Facts 10: the storage

The bone marrow is used by the body to store iron which is important for the production of blood cells. Calcium storage is located in the bone matrix.  It is wrong if you think that calcium is the primary component which makes bones. Chondroitin sulfate and hydroxyapatite are the mixture to create bones.

Facts about Skeleton

Facts about Skeleton

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