10 Interesting Nail Facts

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If you want to know information connected to nail, you have to read Nail Facts. The beauty of nail is very important for women. They will do manicure regularly to maintain the health of nail. You can also use nail polish to make it colorful and nice. Here are facts about nail for you:

Nail Facts 1: growth rate

In average, the nail can grow in every 100 days in 1 cm only. You can wait for 4 to 6 month for a finger nail to grow. The toe nails have slower growth rate for they can grow in 12 to 18 months.

Nail Facts 2: the slowest and fastest nail to grow

The slowest growth rate of finger nail is located on the thumb. The fastest one is on the middle finger.

Nail Beauty

Nail Beauty

Nail Facts 3: nail after the death

Some people believe that nails keep growing even though the people pass away. Actually it is not true. The facts that the nails are still rising because after the death they are not reduced in size. The body of the dead people is decreased in size.

Nail Facts 4: temperature

The temperature around us affects the growth rate of nails. During the hot and summer season, the nails tend to grow faster. During the cool condition in the winter season, they grow slower. Therefore, during the night the growth rate of nails is slower than in the day.

Nail Damage

Nail Damage

Nail Facts 5: sweat

Our skin is totally sweaty in the hot temperature. But the nails don’t. The nails do not have any sweat glands. If you find sweat on the nails, it can be the sweat from the surrounding skin.

Nail Facts 6: men and women

The nails of women tend to grow slower compared to the nails of men.

Nail Facts

Nail Facts

Nail Facts 7: Superstition

The cutting process of nails is linked with a superstition. After a dim, people should not cut their nails because it can give bad luck.  There is no proof about the superstition. You have a message that cutting the nails after the dim can hurt them since you have poor light.

Nail Facts 8: healthy nails

You can make the nails look healthy by drinking a lot of water. Without a lot of water consumption, the nails look dry. Another part of body that you should take care is explained in lip facts.

Nail Style

Nail Style

Nail Facts 9: the longest nail in the world

The longest nails in the world were owed by an Indian woman. They had the length of 48 inches.

Nail Facts 10: trimming the nails

To maintain the beauty and health, you have to trim the nails regularly. The microorganism, bactery and germs can be trapped inside the nails.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish

To make the nails look adorable, you can also use the natural treatment. Rubbing the nails with olive oil or onion can make them shining. Do you want to give opinion on facts about nail?

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