10 Interesting the Normans Facts

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Look the following post about The Normans Facts if you want to be informed with the people who lived in 10th and 11th century. They called themselves with a region in France, Normandy. During the first half of 10th century, the Normans developed the exceptional ethnic identity and culture. Over the centuries, their identity evolved. During the Medieval European period, the Normans were influential in term of military, culture and politics. Check other interesting facts about the Normans below:

The Normans Facts 1: the fame of Normans

The people recognized the Normans due to their Christian piety and martial spirit. Later, the Normans assimilated as the exponents of the Catholic orthodoxy.

The Normans Facts 2: the language

Normans settled on the Frankish land where they adopted Gallo-Romance language. Now people call the dialect of the language as Norman French, Normaund or Norman language.

the normans army

the normans army

The Normans Facts 3: a great fief

The great fief of the Normans under the treaty with French crown was Duchy of Normandy during the Medieval France. Check facts about the Bayeux Tapestry here.

The Normans Facts 4: the culture of Normans

Normans were renowned because of their innovation and achievements in military. They also had distinctive musical traditional and special Romanesque architecture.

the normans costumes

the normans costumes

The Normans Facts 5: Kingdom of Sicily

Roger II established Kingdom of Sicily due to the adventures of the Normans. They defeated the Saracens and Byzantines and took southern Italy.

The Normans Facts 6: William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was the duke who led the victory in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. England was defeated and controlled by the Normans. Look at facts about the Battle of Hastings here.

the normans facts

the normans facts

The Normans Facts 7: the legacy of Normans

The Normans’ legacy can be seen till this present day in the form of the different kinds of political, judicial, and cultural arrangements. The dialects and languages of Normans also affect Sicily, England and France.

The Normans Facts 8: the characteristics of male Normans

The male Normans were characterized as those who endured hunger, cold and toil. They liked riding horses and were interested of using weapons. They did hawking and hunting.

the normans pictures

the normans pictures

The Normans Facts 9: who established the Duchy of Normandy?

The famous Viking leader Rollo and King Charles III of West Francia agreed on Saint-Clair-sur-Epte treaty over the fiefdom of Duchy of Normandy in 911.

The Normans Facts 10: the Norman knights

If you think that the Norman knights were rich, you are wrong. They had lack of land and lived in poor state.

the normans pic

the normans pic

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