10 Interesting Battle of Hastings Facts

Monday, March 17th 2014. | History

Battle of Hastings facts are parts of history which you need to learn about. In this case, what you need to do is in how to get along well with any other important facts. This can be your basic consideration to study about history indeed. Just be more attentive about it later.

Battle of Hastings Facts 1: the date

There are not many people who recognize about battle of Hasting. First fact to learn about is the date. It was in October 14 1066. This battle of Hasting occurred during the conquest of England. It is basic information that you really need to know about him.

Battle of Hastings Facts 2: the battle

Second basic fact that you need to know is about who were involved in such battle. You need to recognize that it was between the Norman – French army of Duke William II of Normandy and army of English under King Harold.

Battle of Hastings England

Battle of Hastings England

Battle of Hastings Facts 3: the place

The battle took place at Senlac Hill. The location was about 6 ¼ miles Northwest of Hastings. It was really close to the town of battle. The battle actually took place nearer to the town battle than the Hasting town.

Battle of Hastings Facts 4: Christian

The battle was really related to Christian religion. Those who live in England indeed were sent away to another country. It was because the laws there were very strict.

Battle of Hastings facts

Battle of Hastings facts

Battle of Hastings Facts 5: Battle Abbey

There were marks of the site were the Battle Abby was fought along with the battle of Hasting.

Battle of Hastings Facts 6: invasion

It was in 1066 when King Edward died. There were many people who wanted to get the king throne. Even most of them conducted invasion by using ships.

Battle of Hastings Image

Battle of Hastings Image

Battle of Hastings Facts 7: Bayeux Tapestry

There was Bayeux Tapestry created when Battle of Hasting was created. In France, you can recognize it as Queen Matilda Tapestry.

Battle of Hastings Facts 8:  defenses

There were many methods in how people conducted defenses in the battle. There were bailey and a motte castle built for the defenses actually.

Battle of Hastings Pic

Battle of Hastings Pic

Battle of Hastings Facts 9: Lewine

There was brother of King Harold who was slain or killed in the battle. It was Lewine.

Battle of Hastings Facts 10: William the Conqueror

Normans were victorious within the battle. Later William the conqueror became the King of England. There was a legend that he was shot in the eye with an arrow.

Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings

There are still many facts about Battle of Hastings out there. If you concern more about this, you can conduct your own research to find out further about the battle. It may help you conducting great additional knowledge. Let’s get recognizable about it.

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