10 Interesting the Boston Massacre Facts

Wednesday, February 24th 2016. | History

Learning the Boston Massacre Facts will help you understand better about the history. It’s a quite terrifying killing of 5 colonists. It’s also the peak of conflicts in the American colonies. There are many things you don’t know about this event, after all.

The Boston Massacre Facts 1: A Simple Cause

The massacre actually started merely as a simple street fight. Even though the Boston Massacre was a famous and historical incident, it was caused by a simple riot. The “patriots” became irritated with a number of British soldiers at that time.

The Boston Massacre Facts 2: The Hidden Troops

There were around 4,000 troops of the Great Britain in Boston. This meant they were among the other 20K Boston residents during the incident. The riot occurred in an instant and not many residents knew what happened back then.

The Boston Massacre Pic

The Boston Massacre Pic

The Boston Massacre Facts 3: The Triggers

The prime trigger of the incident was the rising taxes. Not to mention there was an intense military presence that made the condition went worse. The Townshend Acts also became another trigger, in fact. These were made in 1767.

The Boston Massacre Facts 4: The Funerals

Most of Boston’s population mourned at the funerals of the victims of the incident. The funerals were for five civilians who were killed at that time. There were 6 people who were injured in that incident.

The Boston Massacre Painting

The Boston Massacre Painting

The Boston Massacre Facts 5: The Effect

Based on the report, one of the victims became an icon of anti-slavery. Among the 5 victims killed in the incident, there was one of non-Caucasian. Due to the incident, people start clarifying the Crispus Attucks’ life.

The Boston Massacre Facts 6: The Propaganda

After the incident, the event became a subject of propaganda among both sides. Both the colonists and British told stories differently based on their perspectives. They wanted to defame each other by using that incident.

The Boston Massacre Facts

The Boston Massacre Facts

The Boston Massacre Facts 7: The Trial

There were 2 British soldiers convicted due to the incident. Not to mention there were 8 British soldiers along with their captain got arrested as well. The trial was conducted in order to soothe the public and to give no chance for the British. Find facts about the Blitz here.

The Boston Massacre Facts 8: The Pamphlet

After the incident, there was a pamphlet that was created anonymously. Based on the rumor, the colonists were behind that action. Boston people produced a leaflet named The Horrid Massacre Short Narrative. Many people were affected by that pamphlet.

Facts about The Boston Massacre

Facts about The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre Facts 9: The Battle of Stories

The story based on soldiers’ perspective was told in that pamphlet. It showed that the both sides used propaganda in order to defame the other. To put it simply, each other wanted their stories heard by people.

The Boston Massacre Facts 10: The Artworks

The Boston Massacre had affected many artists to create their works. Some of them are Paul Revere and Henry Pelham. Paul made an engraving inspired by Henry’s painting. Get facts about the Boston Tea Party here.

The Boston Massacre Image

The Boston Massacre Image

It is fun to learn about the Boston Massacre Facts, isn’t it?

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