10 Interesting Spanish Armada Facts

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Let’s find out the information about the Spanish fleet in Spanish Armada Facts. The fleet consisted of 130 ships. Duke of Medina Sidonia was the commander of the fleet which sailed from A Coruna in August 1588. The main purpose of the Spanish armada was to invade England from Flanders. Get more interesting facts about Spanish Armada below:

Spanish Armada Facts 1: the aim of Spanish Armada

By invading England, the Spanish armada wanted to end the Tudor establishment of Protestantism in England and to defeat Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Spanish Armada Facts 2: the expectation

If the Spanish won the invasion, they expected to end the interference of England in Spanish Netherlands. They also wanted to stop the English and Dutch privateering which damaged the interest of Spain. Get facts about battle of Saratoga here.

Spanish Armada History

Spanish Armada History

Spanish Armada Facts 3: the battle

The battle between the Spanish armada and English was fierce. The Spanish could not make a temporary anchorage in Solent because Francis Drake captured one of their ships in English Channel. When the Spanish armada encountered English Fleet at Plymouth, they did not initiate an attack. Get facts about Francis Drake here.

Spanish Armada Facts 4: the English fire ship attack

The English fireship attack was very successful to make the Spanish armada scattered. Dutch flyboats blockaded the Parma’s army. Therefore, the Spanish fleet could not meet Duke of Parma’s army after they lose in the battle of Gravelines.

Spanish Armada Facts

Spanish Armada Facts

Spanish Armada Facts 5: a return to Spain

After the loss in the battle, the fleet decided to return to Spain. But the severe storms in the North Atlantic made many of the ships damaged and wrecked on the coasts of Ireland and Scotland. Thus, there were 130 ships which could not return to Spain.

Spanish Armada Facts 6: the failure

People believed that the failure to invade England is because of the mismanagement. Moreover, the allies between Dutch and English made the attempt difficult to execute.

Spanish Armada Image

Spanish Armada Image

Spanish Armada Facts 7: the Anglo Spanish War

The Anglo Spanish war occurred in 1585 until 1604. It was considered as the undeclared war between Spanish and English.

Spanish Armada Facts 8: the unsuccessful attempt

Spanish armada had the unsuccessful attempt to invade England.  The English also failed to invade Spain with Counter-Armada 1589. It was also called Drake-Norris Expedition.

Spanish Armada Pic

Spanish Armada Pic

Spanish Armada Facts 9: Philip II of Spain

Philip II of Spain was the husband of Mary I. Until 1558, he became the co-monarch of England. It ended after the death of his wife.

Spanish Armada Facts 10: Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was the sister in law of Philip II of Spain. She was a protestant, while his bother in law, Philip II of Spain was a devout Roman catholic.

Spanish Armada

Spanish Armada

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