10 Interesting the Elizabethan Era Facts

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The Elizabethan Era Facts inform us with the golden age in English history. It took place in 1558 until 1603. The era was characterized with the presence of flourished art, wealth and peace. During the era, Elizabeth I was considered as the ruler. Thus, the era was dubbed after her name. Check other interesting facts about Elizabethan Era in the below post:

The Elizabethan Era Facts 1: the most notable theatre

The most notable theatre in the English history was established during the Elizabethan era.  The works of Shakespeare highlight the fame of Elizabethan Era.

The Elizabethan Era Facts 2: “The Red Lion” theatre

In 1567, “The Red Lion” theatre was operated. It was the first English Renaissance theatre. Then other theatres rose in England. In 1577, Curtain Theatre was established. It was followed by Globe Theatre in 1599.

Facts about The Elizabethan Era

Facts about The Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan Era Facts 3: the notable playwrights

There were many famous playwrights during the Elizabethan Era. Those included William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. The former one is considered as the most famous playwright in the world.

The Elizabethan Era Facts 4: the genres

There were various genres written for theatre performance. Those included comedy, tracery and history play.

The Elizabethan Era Facts

The Elizabethan Era Facts

The Elizabethan Era Facts 5: the types of art

If you think that theatre was considered as the only flourished art in the era, you are wrong. There were many other types of art such as painting and music.

The Elizabethan Era Facts 6: the renewed painters and composers

George Gower and Nicholas Hilliard were the prominent painters in the era. The former was one the personal artist of Queen Elizabeth. John Dowland and William Byrd were the most notable composers at that time.

The Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan Era Facts 7: the English Navy

English Navy was strong during the era. It was proved when the Spanish Armada was defeated by the English navy in 1588. Find facts about Dark Ages here.

The Elizabethan Era Facts 8: Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was an important person in the era. He explored the globe successfully. There is no need to wonder that the era is always associated with the development of navigation.

The Elizabethan Era Pic

The Elizabethan Era Pic

The Elizabethan Era Facts 9: other famous explorers

There were many other explorers from Elizabethan era. Newfoundland was discovered by Sir Humphrey Gilbert. Virginia Colony was formed by Sir Walter Raleigh. Find facts about Domesday Book here.

The Elizabethan Era Facts 10: the fashion sense

The people had great fashion sense. The notable people wore the expensive and fancy clothes. Most of them were decorated with ruffles located on the collars and wrists. Their clothes were made of velvet and silk.

The Elizabethan Era Image

The Elizabethan Era Image

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