10 Interesting King Tut Facts

Thursday, July 25th 2013. | History

If you are looking for fast King Tut facts, read the whole post below. King Tut was born with a name Tutankhaten. It was in 1343 BC he was born as Tutankhamun. The great King Tut is considered as the famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt. If you want to know more details about the great king, read the whole explanation:

King Tut Facts 1: Changing Name

When he was born he was named as Tutankhaten. Because the traditionalists had a big pressure on the great king, he later changed his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun. This decision means a big thing in the ancient Egypt. He had declined the support of Aten and gave the support to the old god of Amun.

 King Tut Facts 2: Mother

Do you know the step mother of King Tut? She is the beautiful Nefertiti.

King Tut facts

King Tut facts

King Tut Facts 3: Father

When talking about his family, we should never forget to talk about his father. His father is often called as the Heretic King. His name is Akhenaten

King Tut Facts 4: Marriage

It seems that marrying the close relation in the family is a common thing in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh married to Ankhesenpaaten. She is his half-sister.

King Tut Games

King Tut Games

King Tut Facts 5: Reign

The reign of Greet King Tut lasted from 1334 BC to 1325 BC. He was only 9 years old when he became a pharaoh. This king was so young when he died. The experts state that he was only 18 or 19.

King Tut Facts 6: Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is the place where the great King Tut is buried. The ancient Egypt ritual is performed to honor the death. The burial occurred after he passed away for about 70 days.

King Tut Mask

King Tut Mask

King Tut Facts 7: Howard Carter

Howard Carter is the English archeologist who discovered the step which led to the tomb of Great King Tut. It was discovered on November 4th 1922.

King Tut Facts 8: Tomb of King Tut

When it was discovered, More than 3500 articles were found around the tomb. This king is famous with his gold mask. It is located on the top of mummy. The weight is around 10 kg. Get more info on Mummy facts.

King Tut

King Tut

King Tut Facts 9: Mystery about His Death

There are many speculations and theories about the death of King Tut.  Many people consider it as a big mystery. The speculation is also aroused on the death of his father, mother and wife. Look at the Egypt facts to know more about the history.

King Tut Facts 10: Daughters

Tutankhamun and Ankhesenpaaten were married and both were blessed with stillborn two daughters. If you see the tomb of great King, it has a reference number KV62.



Despite the mystery surrounding his death, many people always remember the great King Tut because of his wealth. During his life, his reign only lasted nine years. After reading facts about King Tut, do you want to share more info?

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