10 Interesting the Roaring 20s Facts

Friday, October 14th 2016. | History

One of the impressive ages, which affected the culture, economy and fashion style in United States, Western Europe and Canada is explained on the Roaring 20s Facts. The major cities in the world like Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Montreal, New York, Detroit, and Chicago were heavily affected by the roaring twenties, which took place in 1920s. It was characterized with the unique cultural edge and economic prosperity. Let us check other interesting facts about the roaring 20s below:

The Roaring 20s Facts 1: the different term

In United States, people call the culture as the Roaring 20s.  It was called the crazy years or années folles in Quebec and France.  Look at facts about the Great Gatsby here.

The Roaring 20s Facts 2:  the features

You can only spot various features during the roaring twenties. The rapid development of jazz was spotted in the era. It also featured the cultural, artistic and social dynamism.

the roaring 20s images

the roaring 20s images

The Roaring 20s Facts 3: the modern womanhood

The modern womanhood during the roaring twenties was redefined by the presence of flappers.

The Roaring 20s Facts 4: the technologies

The lifestyle of people during the era changed dramatically due to the introduction of high technologies such as radio, motion pictures, telephones, automobiles, freight aviation, and electricity.

the roaring 20s life

the roaring 20s life

The Roaring 20s Facts 5: the right to vote

The era also marked the right of women to vote in the election. It was granted for women in most countries in the world.

The Roaring 20s Facts 6: the focus of the media

The celebrities gained more attention for they were featured in most media. The movie stars and sport heroes were the focus.

the roaring 20s pictures

the roaring 20s pictures

The Roaring 20s Facts 7: finance

The world of finance was mainly dominated by United States. The investment in Germany was performed by Wall Street.  Check facts about Jazz Age here.

The Roaring 20s Facts 8: another name

Another name of the Roaring 20s was the Jazz Age because it saw the huge popularity of jazz music. It was played in clubs, pubs and other public places.

the roaring 20s

the roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s Facts 9: the end of roaring 20s

The roaring 20s was filled with happiness, prosperity and stylish fashion. They enjoyed the everyday luxurious and high lifestyles. It ended due to the Wall Street Crash in 1929.

The Roaring 20s Facts 10: after the roaring 20s

The people had to live with economic hardship and gloom due to the collapse of Wall Street in 1929.

the roaring 20s facts

the roaring 20s facts

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