10 Interesting the Tudor Monarchs Facts

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The Tudor Monarchs Facts will present the information about the royal house with shared the ancestral value of Tudors of Penmynydd. It earned the Welsh and English origin. The Kingdom of England was ruled under the Tudor Monarch in 1458 until 1603. House of Stuart was the successor of Tudor Monarch. The House of Plantagenet was the predecessor.

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 1: the first Tudor Monarch?

Who was the first Tudor Monarch? He was Henry VII. His mother shared the lineage of House of Lancaster.

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 2: the strong power of Tudor family

During the Wars of Roses, the Tudor family came into power. The House of Lancaster was extinct after Tudor family left it.

catherine aragon

catherine aragon

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 3: the rival

House of York was considered as the rival of Henry Tudor. Henry was the supporter of the traditional Lancastrian. During the Battle with House of York, Henry won the battle. He earned the title as King Henry VII. Check facts about King Henry VII here.

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 4: a new dynasty

A new dynasty was formed after Henry won the battle and married the daughter of King Edward IV, Elizabeth of York. The former warring factions then were under his power.

edward vi

edward vi

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 5: the expansion of power

The expansion of power of Tudor Dynasty was seen not only in England. It also penetrated to Kingdom of Ireland and Principality of Wales.

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 6: the total monarch in Tudor Dynasty

Tudor Dynasty had five monarchs who ruled in more than a century. The only male line of Henry VII who reached maturity was Henry VIII of England.

the Tudor Monarchs Facts

the Tudor Monarchs Facts

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 7: The House of Stuart

The Tudor Dynasty collapsed since Elizabeth I did not have any legitimate heir to succeed her. That is why the House of Stuart earned the power in 1603 after the death of Elizabeth I.

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 8: Catherine of Aragon

On 11 June 1509, Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII married. The Church of England annulled the marriage with the reason that Catherine could not produce any male heir for the kingdom.  In 1516, Mary was born.

the tudor monarchs

the tudor monarchs

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 9: Anne Boleyn

After his marriage was annulled, he married Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533. In May 1536, Anne was executed for witchcraft, high treason and incest.

The Tudor Monarchs Facts 10: the other marriages of Henry VIII

Henry VIII married several times.  He and Jane Seymour married. She gave birth to a son in 1537 later known as King Edward VI. Get facts about King Henry VIII here.

elizabeth i

elizabeth i


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