10 Interesting Ninja Facts

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If we talk about Ninja Facts, we always associate it with Japan. The story of Ninja can be seen in various novels, comics, films, and books. They are considered as the assassins and spies in Sengoku era of Japan. If you want to know the famous legend and myth about Ninja, check the following post below:

Ninja Facts 1: Kido Yazaemon

One of the famous ninjas was Kido Yazaemon. This man was born in 1539. He was called as an Iga Ninja. People were impressed with his skill and ability focusing on matchlock rifle. Get more facts about ninja ability in Japan facts.

Ninja Facts 2: Oda Nobunaga

Kido Yazaemon was famous after he decided to kill Oda Nobunaga in 1579. Unfortunately, his attempt failed. Despite his failure, Yazaemon was still included in the historian book of the Iga ninja called Iranki.

Ninja Facts

Ninja Facts

Ninja Facts 3: How Kido Yazaemon failed

Yazaemon failed to kill Oda Nobunaga because the fire was missed. The fight ended up when Yazaemon had killed seven companions of Oda.

Ninja Facts 4: the fictional ninja

The most famous fictional ninja was Kirigakure Saizo. Many people believed that this character was inspired from Kirigakure Shikaemon. This ninja wanted to kill Toyotomi Hideyoshi. But he failed.

Ninja In Black

Ninja In Black

Ninja Facts 5: Tomo Sukesada

Tomo Sukesada was the head of the Tomo Ryu tradition. He was called as the master ninja from the Koga. He served as the leader of 80 koga ninjas hired by Leyasu to take over the castle of Imagawa.

Ninja Facts 6: Fujibayashi Nagato

Fujibayashi Nagato was a legendary ninja. He was called as one of the greatest master ninjas of the Iga. Even though the information about Nagato was very limited, he left an important legacy. He gave the descendants the jiujutsu knowledge compiled in the Bansenshukai. It contains the techniques and secrets of Ninja by Fujibayashi clan.

Ninja Japan

Ninja Japan

Ninja Facts 7: Mochizuki Chiyome

Mochizuki Chiyome was the most prominent female ninja ever.  The rumor stated that she was from the Koga Ninja clan.  This noblewoman was the wife of Mochizuki Nobumasa, a samurai warlock.

Ninja Facts 8: training

Mochizuki Chiyome often got a mission from his husband’s uncle to train and recruit women as a female ninja. At that time, her husband often went to war in 16th century.

Ninja Pic

Ninja Pic

Ninja Facts 9: base of Mochizuki Chiyome

Mochizuki Chiyome established a base at Nazu village in Shinshu region. She recruited former prostitutes, orphans and war victims as the ninja. In 1573, Chiyome passed away in mystery.

Ninja Facts 10: Ishikawa Goemon

Ishikawa Goemon was born in 1558. This ninja looked like a robin hood from Japan for he stole the money from the rich Japanese and gave it to the poor people.



Ishikawa Goemon became the legend, but there is no factual report about his story. The legend stated that he was captured and boiled alive in 1594 after he failed killing Toyotomi Hideyoshi. What do you think on facts about ninja?

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