10 Interesting Holocaust Facts

Thursday, October 3rd 2013. | History

Holocaust facts present the information about the power of Hitler which began in German in January 1933 until 8 may 1945. During the time there were at least 11 million men, children and women dead. It is estimated that 6 million of them were Jewish people. Here are the complete facts about Holocaust:

Holocaust Facts 1: Young Children

The first target of Nazi is young children. The children were firstly murdered because they will never create a new form of parent generation of Jews.

Holocaust Facts 2: Murdered Children

Through the way to the camps, the young children were taken by the cattle cars. They will be taken to the gas chambers.

Holocaust Camp

Holocaust Camp

Holocaust Facts 3: Transportation

Transportation is very important during the holocaust time. The cattle wagons were used to gather all victims to the gas chamber. The cattle did not have ventilation, food, toilet or even water. They needed to wait inside the wagon for 18 days. When the door was opened, most of them had been dead.

Holocaust Facts 4: Holocaust Killing

In September 1941, the most deadly holocaust killing occurred in Babi Yar Ravine.  In two days, there were at least 33,000 Jews killed.

Holocaust Fact

Holocaust Fact

Holocaust Facts 5: Gas Chamber

During the holocaust era, the gas chamber was very famous.  The chamber was filled with carbon monoxide. Then, they used the insecticide Zyklon B to kill the Jewish people.

Holocaust Facts 6: Auschwitz Complex

The largest German concentration camp was located in Auschwitz complex.

Holocaust Facts

Holocaust Facts

Holocaust Facts 7: Auschwitz Complex and Murder

Auschwitz complex consisted of three camps. Those were Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Monowitz. It was estimated that more than one million people were killed in the concentration camp.

Holocaust Facts 8: Sonderkommando

Sonderkommando were the Jewish prisoner forced by German troop to burn corpses in the oven or burry them. Sonderkommando were killed too in a chamber gas.

Holocaust Victim

Holocaust Victim

Holocaust Facts 9: Kristallnacht

Kristallnacht is recognized as the night of the broken glass. This deadly event occurred on 9 November 1938. The Jewish communities located in Germany and Austria was destroyed. They damaged the Jewish homes, cemeteries, schools and hospitals.

Holocaust Facts 10: Victims

The total victims in during the holocaust time are around 1/3 of all Jewish people.



Actually the victims in holocaust are not only Jewish people, but also gypsies. It is estimated that 220,000 gypsies were killed ruing the era. Do you have any opinion on facts about holocaust?

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