10 Interesting the Inner Planets Facts

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The Inner Planets Facts will tell you about the terrestrial planets. The metals and silicate rocks are the two primary components found in the inner planets. Some people often call the planets as rocky planets or even telluric planets. The inner planets include Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. All of them are located closer to the sun. Check other interesting facts about the inner planets:

The Inner Planets Facts 1: the term terrestrial planets

The term telluric or terrestrial planet is taken from the word tellus or terra. Due to the earth like composition, they are called the terrestrial planets.

The Inner Planets Facts 2: the surface

The surface of the planets is solid. It is composed of water, helium and hydrogen. The central metallic core is made of iron. The silicate mantle is located around the core. That’s the basic structure that you can find in all inner planets.

The Inner Planet

The Inner Planet

The Inner Planets Facts 3: the moon

Actually the basic structure is also found on the moon. However, iron core of a moon is smaller than the inner planets. Other satellites which share the similar characteristics of terrestrial planets are Europa and lo. Get facts about the Big Bang here.

The Inner Planets Facts 4: the structures found in the terrestrial planets

Volcanoes, mountains, craters, and canyons are some structures that you can find on the inner planets. The structures on the planets are determined by the tectonic activity and water presence.

The Inner Planets

The Inner Planets

The Inner Planets Facts 5: the secondary atmosphere

The secondary atmosphere is found in terrestrial planets. The giant planets are very different from the terrestrial planets because the latter ones have the comet and volcanic impact which form the secondary atmosphere.

The Inner Planets Facts 6: the number of inner planets

There are four inner planets in the solar system. Those are earth, Venus, Mercury and Mars. Check facts about space here.

The Inner Planets Pictures

The Inner Planets Pictures

The Inner Planets Facts 7: the active hydrosphere

The active hydrosphere can only be found on earth. Other inner planets do no own it.

The Inner Planets Facts 8: the dwarf planets

Pluto and Ceres are the dwarf planets. Both share the similar characteristics with the inner planets due to the presence of a solid surface. However, the icy materials dominate both dwarf planets.

The Inner Planets Images

The Inner Planets Images

The Inner Planets Facts 9: the classification of inner planets

Let’s find out the classification of inner planets. Those include iron planet, silicate planet and coreless planet.

The Inner Planets Facts 10: the silicate planet

The silicate planet is considered as the standard of terrestrial planet. It has metallic iron core with the mantle made of silicate.

The Inner Planets Facts

The Inner Planets Facts

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