10 Interesting Planet Jupiter Facts

Saturday, June 8th 2013. | Universe

If you always attracted with universe, you need to check out the planet Jupiter facts in this post. Jupiter is one of the magnificent planets that the scientists research till today. If you read much about Jupiter, you need to find something new that might increase your curiosity. Here some facts that you probably do not know before.

Planet Jupiter Facts 1: Size of Jupiter

Jupiter is considered as one of the massive planets in the universe. If you compare it with earth, it is 318 larger. However, if this planet gets bigger, it will actually get smaller for the planet will be denser.

Planet Jupiter Facts 2: It Is Not a Star

Jupiter is planet and it will never become a star. To have a nuclear fusion is not possible for this planet needs at least 70 time bigger mass than its current size.

Planet Jupiter and Moons

Planet Jupiter and Moons

Planet Jupiter Facts 3: The Fastest Spinning Planet

In the solar system Jupiter is named as the fastest spinning planet for it only needs 10 hours to make a full rotation. Earth needs around 24 hours. The fast rotation increases the magnetic field of the planet. Another spinning item in the universe is black hole. Get more black hole facts here.

Planet Jupiter Facts 4: Great Red Spot

Jupiter is always recognized with Great Red Spot feature.  In 1665, Giovanni Cassini was the first person who identified the red spot. Today, size of this spot reduced into a half size.

Planet Jupiter Facts

Planet Jupiter Facts

Planet Jupiter Facts 5: Cloud in Jupiter

The thickness of cloud in Jupiter is only measured at 50 kilometer. It is created from ammonia crystal which splits into two decks. The first one is dark for it is composed from the substances inside Jupiter. The second deck is composed from helium and hydrogen.

Planet Jupiter Facts 6: Rings One Jupiter

Most people think that the only planet in the solar system fitted with a ring is only Saturn. It is not true for Jupiter and Uranus are equipped with a ring too. Saturn facts give you more info about rings.

Planet Jupiter in Solar System

Planet Jupiter in Solar System

Planet Jupiter Facts 7: Magnetic Field

As I have stated before, Jupiter magnetic field is so powerful. Many researchers argue that the powerful magnetic field is produced because of the metallic hydrogen located inside Jupiter. Compared to earth, it is 14 times powerful.

Planet Jupiter Facts 8: Satellites

Jupiter has 63 moons rotating on the planet. They were discovered since 1975. The largest satellite is Ganymede in the diameter of 5262 kilometer. The rest of satellites of Jupiter are around 10 kilometer.

Planet Jupiter

Planet Jupiter

Planet Jupiter Facts 9: Spacecraft from Earth

The spacecraft from earth had gone to Jupiter for seven times. NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft was the first spacecraft to visit Jupiter in 1973.  The seventh visit was conducted by sending NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2007.

Planet Jupiter Facts 10: Observing Jupiter

You can see Jupiter with your naked eyes. It is considered as one of the bright planets. If you want to scrutinize it in details, you can purchase a binocular or telescope.

Red Spot

Red Spot

This massive planet should be observed more so that kids and adults know more about other objects in the universe. Let’s wait for NASA to send another spacecraft in Jupiter and add the information on the facts about Jupiter in the future post.

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