10 Interesting Ceres Facts

Friday, November 29th 2013. | Universe

Ceres facts perhaps may become so much unfamiliar for some people. This has become so much popular for those who really want to learn more about such Ceres planet. So, if you want to learn as well about it, you need to read more below actually.

Ceres Facts 1: dwarf planet

If what we discuss here is about Ceres, the fact is that such planet has become one of dwarf planets which are lately found. You should know also that it is the smallest among others having the diameter of 950 km.

Ceres Facts 2: the name

Any people should also understand that the name of such planet has the meaning of Roman Goddess of harvest. Ceres planet also has the meaning of Goddess of motherly. Learning about Ceres may help you to understand about how you can learn about the name of such planet indeed.

Ceres Fact

Ceres Fact

Ceres Facts 3: first discovery

You need to know that Ceres was first discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi in the year of 1801. The founding indeed becomes so much important for any people who really want to learn better about such planet. It is actually Italian who found the planet actually.

Ceres Facts 4: asteroid belt

You need to know that people may recognize Ceres as the part of asteroid belt. In this case, you should know that such planet lies within the asteroid belt of Mars and also Jupiter. Yet, people still debate about in how to classify Ceres actually.

Ceres Facts

Ceres Facts

Ceres Facts 5: as a planet

People need to recognize that Ceres has been recognized for 50 years as planet. The fact is that it has gained the planetary symbol as well. Yet, later Ceres was recognized as asteroid although there is still debate about it.

Ceres Facts 6: regaining the name of planet

Although Ceres has been classified long as asteroid, later there is certain constitution which may lead Ceres to regain the classification as a planet. This is within the year of 2006 of which the planet regaining the classification as planet instead of asteroid.

Ceres Structure

Ceres Structure

Ceres Facts 7: largest object of asteroid belt

Next fact that you need to know about Ceres is that it is the largest object within the asteroid belt of Jupiter and Mars. Yet, it is smaller 14 times than the smallest planet such as Pluto.

Ceres Facts 8:  spherical shape

You may notice that such planet has the small size and also the mass which has provided the planet with spherical size. It is so much important indeed for any of you to gain the information about it.

ceres porovnani

ceres porovnani

Ceres Facts 9: the surface

If you review about Ceres, you may find out the fact that such planet has the rocky core along with its icy surface. The thickness of the icy mantle is about 100km thick.

Ceres Facts 10: atmosphere

There are many people who believe that such planet has indeed the atmosphere. Yet, the amount of the atmosphere is very weak there.



Studying facts about Ceres for some people indeed may become so much boring. Yet, this may lead people to gain better information about such dwarf planet actually.

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