10 Interesting Space Facts

Friday, September 11th 2015. | Universe

Check the interesting Space Facts in the below explanation. The people define the space as the void which occurs between the celestial bodies. The space is filled with different kinds of particles such as the electromagnetic radiation, dust, plasma of hydrogen, magnetic field and helium. If you check the Big Bang theory, the space has 2.7 K for the baseline temperature. Here are some interesting facts about space:

Space Facts 1: the mass of space

The dark matter is considered as the unknown mass of space. The observers believe that 90 percent of the mass in most galaxies are unknown. The matter will interact each other not using the electromagnetic forces, but the gravitational forces.

Space Facts 2: the boundary of space and earth

It is not easy to find out the firm boundary between the space and earth. But the people use the Karman line as the beginning of the space. It sits at the altitude at 62 miles or 100 km above the sea elevation. The aerospace record keeping and space treaties use the Karman line to start the outer space.

Space Facts

Space Facts

Space Facts 3: the international space law

In 1967, United Nations passed Outer Space treaty. It was the international space law. Based on the law, the outer space is allowed to be explored by all states in the world.

Space Facts 4: the physical exploration

During 20th century, the physical exploration of space by human being was started. At first, the people used the high altitude balloon flights. Then human being launched manned rocket on the outer space. Get facts about astronauts here.

Space Image

Space Image

Space Facts 5: Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was the astronaut from Soviet Union who held the record as the first one to orbit earth in 1961.

Space Facts 6: the cost

The cost to reach the space is very high. Therefore, the exploration of human being to the outer space is limited to explore the moon and to orbit earth. Find facts about astronomy here.

Space Law

Space Law

Space Facts 7: a challenging environment

The condition in the outer space is very different from the earth condition. It is very changeling for human being to explore the space due to microgravity, radiation and vacuum condition.

Space Facts 8: the suit of astronaut

The pressurized space suit should be worn by the astronauts before they explore the space due to the hazard of a vacuum.

Space Picture

Space Picture

Space Facts 9: Rapid decompression

The risk of having rapid decompression is also high when human is in the space. This condition can lead into shock, bruising, sinuses, and rupture eardrums.

Space Facts 10: the space sickness

The space sickness is also experienced by human being who causes lethargy, vertigo, vomiting and nausea.



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