10 Interesting the Big Bang Facts

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One of the interesting topics of astronomy is explained on The Big Bang Facts. It is believed that the universe was established around 14 billion years ago in a Big Bang. The astronomers explained that the universe was smaller than a pinhead during the first phase of its creation. It was inside a bubble. It has denser and hotter quality. Let’s find other facts about Big Bang below:

The Big Bang Facts 1: the explosion

The explosion made the universe created. Therefore, the big bang is always associated with matter, space and time in the universe.

The Big Bang Facts 2: the growth

At the initial stage after the explosion, the universe was very small. It might begin from a single atom. Then it grew into a galaxy. Until today, the astronomers believe that the universe is still expanding.

The Big Bang Image

The Big Bang Image

The Big Bang Facts 3: the matter and antimatter

The matter and antimatter are created from the energy from the expanded and cooled universe. Both matter and antimatter are the particles which fight each other. After the universe was one second old, the protons and neutrons were established from the stable particles. Get facts about asteroid belt here.

The Big Bang Facts 4: the temperature

The temperature of the universe was reduced into 1 billion degree Celsius for the next three minutes.

The Big Bang Pictures

The Big Bang Pictures

The Big Bang Facts 5: the cool temperature

After the temperature of the universe was cooled, the neutrons and protons joined. They established hydrogen and helium nuclei.

The Big Bang Facts 6: the cool temperature

The universe had cooled around 300 degree for around 300,000 years. Find facts about space here.

The Big Bang

The Big Bang

The Big Bang Facts 7: the formation of atom

The formation of atom in the universe occurred after the electrons could be captured by the atomic nuclei. Then the clouds of helium and hydrogen loaded the universe.

The Big Bang Facts 8: the importance of Big Bang Theory

By learning the Big Bang theory, you will know the early period of the cosmological model of universe. It focuses on the idea that the universe was bigger and bigger because of the expansion at high temperature and high density.

Facts about The Big Bang

Facts about The Big Bang

The Big Bang Facts 9: the age of the university

Can you guess the age of universe? It is around 13.8 billion years ago.

The Big Bang Facts 10: the support of Big Bang theory

One of the primary evidences for the Big Bang model is on the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation in 1965.

The Big Bang Facts

The Big Bang Facts

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