10 Interesting Moon Facts

Wednesday, September 4th 2013. | Universe

Moon facts serve you with interesting facts about the moon surface and the astronauts who come to moon. Moon is the only satellite of earth. The beauty of moon always fascinates the poets all over the world not only today but also in the past. You can see that many poets and artists use moon as their inspiration when they write poem or poetry. Here are some informative facts about moon to understand:

Moon Facts 1: The Natural Satellite

Compared to any other planets in the solar system, earth only has one satellite. The only natural satellite is the moon. It is the space body that orbits the earth.

Moon Facts 2: Distance

The distance between moon and earth is measured at 238857 miles or 384403 kilometers.

Full Moon

Full Moon

Moon Facts 3: Size for Moon

Our moon is not the largest one in the solar system. Based on its size, it gets the fifth position as the largest moon in the solar system. Learn more about other moons in the solar system by reading facts about Jupiter.

Moon Facts 4: Mons Huygens

The tallest mountain in moon is called as Mons Huygens. The height is around 4700 meters. It is a half of the height of Mount Everest which has the height about 8848 meters.

Man on Moon

Man on Moon

Moon Facts 5: Orbit on Earth

The moon needs 27.3 days to orbit the earth. The rotation on its axis also occurs in the similar time for the moon to orbit the earths. We can only the 60 percent for moon surface for the earth.

Moon Facts 6: Soviet Union’s Luna program

In 1966, Soviet marked the history by having the first successful landing for an unmanned spacecraft on the moon.

Moon Fact

Moon Fact

Moon Facts 7: Gravity

What about the gravity on Moon? Compared to earth, it is only has 1/5 of gravity. Look at space facts to know more about gravity.

Moon Facts 8: Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong is a famous man. He is the first man landing on Moon.

Moon facts

Moon facts

Moon Facts 9: Moon landing

In 1969, the first manned landing project was called as Moon landing. It was conducted by NASA Apollo 11 mission for USA.

Moon Facts10: Side of Moon

The darker side is used to call the side of moon that we cannot see. The side that we can see is called as near side. However, both sides actually are illuminated by the sunlight.

Moon Phase

Moon Phase

There are many researches that people do on moon. The average temperature for this natural satellite for earth is -153 degrees at night. During the day it has the temperature around 107 degrees. You can find it so hot at day and cold at night. Moon also affects the natural weather on earth. The gravitational pull of moon is the main cause for earth tides. You can also see lunar eclipse in a certain period for time. It occurs when earth is between the sun and moon. Do you want to comment on facts about moon?

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