10 Interesting Pluto Facts

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013. | Universe

Pluto facts give the information about the dwarf planet in the solar system. Since the distance between Pluto and the sun is very far away, it needs 248 earth years for the Pluto to orbit the sun. In a year earth has to spend 365 days to orbit the sun. The fastest orbit is taken by Mercury. It only need 88 earth days for the nearest planet from the sun to make one orbit. Here are the complete facts about Pluto:

Pluto Facts 1: Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Pluto is created from the combination of carbon monoxide, methane and nitrogen.

Pluto Facts 2:Dwarf Planet

The only dwarf planet in the solar system which has atmosphere is only Pluto. However, the atmosphere is very toxic if you breathe it. The atmosphere will be freeze when Pluto is in the farthest position from the sun. When Pluto is in the nearest position, the atmosphere changes as gas.



Pluto Facts 3:Rotation

The rotation of Pluto is very slow. This planet has to spend 6 days, 9 hours and 17 minutes to make a rotation. The fastest spinning planet in the solar system is Jupiter.

Pluto Facts 4:Opposite Direction

Earth and Pluto have different direction when spinning. Pluto along with Uranus and Venus has a retrograde rotation. It means that that planet has the sun rising in the west and the ting in the east.

Pluto Dwarf Planet

Pluto Dwarf Planet

Pluto Facts 5: Charon

The moon of Pluto is Charon. But many experts consider it as a planet because it has similar size with Pluto.

Pluto Facts 6: Sunlight

Earth only needs 8 minutes to get the sunlight, while Pluto has to wait for five hours to get the sunlight.

Pluto Facts

Pluto Facts

Pluto Facts 7:Astrology

Astrology is always associated with planet. Destruction, power of rebirth, creation and death is always linked with astrology.

Pluto Facts 8:Darkness

You will not be able to see any stars on the sky because the sky in this planet is very dark and gloomy.

Pluto System

Pluto System

Pluto Facts 9:Moons

There are four moons that Pluto has.  Those are Nix, Charon, Hydra, S/2011 P 1. The discovery of the last moon was in 2011.

Pluto Facts 10: Spacecraft

It is reported that Pluto has not been visited by any spacecraft. But it is planed that spacecraft New Horizons will be launched in 2015.

Pluto Planet

Pluto Planet

Pluto was included as a planet in the solar system for 76 years. In 2006, Pluto is considered as a dwarf planet because it is included as one of the main objects in the Kuiper Belt.  Many people are familiar with the name Pluto because it was used in a Disney character Pluto which is a dog. It is stated that the name was derived from the planet. Do you have any question on facts about Pluto?

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