10 Interesting the Hubble Telescope Facts

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If you love to talk about astronomy, you have to read the Hubble telescope facts. The Hubble telescope is one of the breakthroughs after the end of the World War II. Lyman Spitzer is the man who can take benefits from the space based observatory. He wanted to have a ground based telescope which can be used to identify objects on the space. Find out more about this telescope below:

The Hubble Telescope Facts 1: space telescope

Splitzer’s dream to have a ground based telescope is not easy to reach. He had to spend much of his time to build the space telescope.

The Hubble Telescope Facts 2: bigger space telescope

The Hubble telescope should be bigger actually. However, to cut the cost for the construction, NASA had to make it smaller with a diameter of 2.4 meter. The proposal of the telescope stated that the mirror diameter for the telescope should be 3 meter. This telescope was planned by NASA in 1970s.

Hubble Telescope

Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope Facts 3: weight

Do you have any idea about the weight of the HTS telescope? It has the weight of 11 tones. The length is around 15.9 meter.

The Hubble Telescope Facts 4: power

The power that the HTS used to operate is not big. It only needs 2800 watts. You can compare it with a kitchen kettle which only has 2200 watts. This Hubble telescope got the power from the 2.6 X 7.1 meter solar panels.

Hubble Telescope Facts

Hubble Telescope Facts

The Hubble Telescope Facts 5: observation

Using the Hubble telescopes for observation is good choice. It can give you a wonderful full look of the farthest galaxies.

The Hubble Telescope Facts 6: sun and planet mercury

Even though the telescopes can be used to observe the object which is located far away from the earth, you need to ensure that it is not used to observe the sun and planet mercury. The brightness of the sun can damage the sensor of Hubble telescope. Even though mercury is a planet, observing it can damage the sensor because it is located near the sun.

Hubble Telescope Nebulae

Hubble Telescope Nebulae

The Hubble Telescope Facts 7: speed

Many people amaze with the ability of the Hubble telescope to observe the objects. The speed around the world is 28,000 kilometer per hour. Compared to the Concorde supersonic airliner which can speed up to 2,270 km per hour, it is faster.

The Hubble Telescope Facts 8: a giant camera

The Hubble telescope actually is a giant camera. It features the CCD’s or the electronic electors which are used to capture the light. Even though it is a camera, it is not equipped with any films.

Hubble Telescope Space

Hubble Telescope Space

The Hubble Telescope Facts 9: colors

The images that you can see from the Hubble telescope come in the color of black and white. You cannot see other colors other than black and white.

The Hubble Telescope Facts10: color matching

However, the scientists can have a color matching by using colored filters. So they have pictured colors on the images.

Hubble Telescope PIc

Hubble Telescope Pic

The vital system of the Hubble telescope was in damage in 2014.  The scientists estimate that this telescope will burn around 2019 to 2030 when it enters the atmosphere of earth. Are you wondered with facts about Hubble telescope?

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