10 Interesting Galaxy Facts

Wednesday, February 5th 2014. | Universe

If you are thinking about the space, why don’t you check galaxy facts? We live in the Milky Way galaxy. When talking about the size of our galaxy, it will be difficult to define. The astronomers have done many kinds of researches about the history, formation and object in our galaxy. Let’s find out the detail information about it below:

Galaxy Facts 1: M81

One of the interesting galaxies observed by the astronomers is the M81 or Messier 81 galaxy.  The image of this galaxy is unique since it forms the spiral look.

Galaxy Facts 2: location of M81 galaxy

I can say that it is situated around 12 million light years from the Ursa Major Constellation.  You can observe this galaxy using a telescope since M81 is very bright.

Galaxy Color

Galaxy Color

Galaxy Facts 3: what is galaxy?

Can you define the word galaxy? Many astronomers state that galaxy is composed from the gas, stars and dust. It is a form of sprawling space system.

Galaxy Facts 4: the number of galaxies

You are wrong if you think that there is only one galaxy, the Milky Way. There are countless galaxies in the world. Each galaxy can contain more 100 billion stars.

Galaxy Facts

Galaxy Facts

Galaxy Facts 5: small galaxies

There is a term for small and big galaxy. You can say that it is small galaxy if it only contains less than one billion stars. The Milky Way galaxy contains more than 100 billion stars.

Galaxy Facts 6: types of galaxies

If you like to study about the galaxies in the universe, you need to know the types. The galaxies are classified based on the shape and movement. There are three major types of galaxies. Those are the elliptical, spiral and irregular galaxies.

Galaxy Image

Galaxy Image

Galaxy Facts 7: Milky Way

We live in Milky Way galaxy. It is included in a spiral galaxy. This galaxy is formed with a flat disk located in the center area. The formation of the object inside the galaxies comes in a regular style. The disk of Milky Way contains gas, dust, planets and stars.

Galaxy Facts 8: giant elliptical galaxies

Giant elliptical galaxies are the largest one in the universe. The location probably is two million light years.

Galaxy Pic

Galaxy Pic

Galaxy Facts 9: The spinning motion

The spinning motion on the spiral galaxies is unique. It can create a fascinating shape. That’s why most spiral galaxies get the name the sombrero galaxies due to the wonderful movement.

Galaxy Facts 10: Elliptical galaxies

Elliptical galaxies get the name because of the shape. The galaxies form the elliptical shape. The appearance reminds you with cigar like shape.



The irregular galaxies include the galaxies which do not form either spiral or elliptical shapes. What do you think on facts about galaxy?

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