10 Interesting the Great Gatsby Facts

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The Great Gatsby Facts discuss one of the famous novels in America. F. Scott Fitzgerald was the American author who wrote this amazing novel in 1925. The setting in the novel was in the summer season in 1922. It was located on a fiction town of West Egg in Long Island. The characters were centered in the town. If you want to know more about the characters and plot of this novel, check the following post below:

The Great Gatsby Facts 1: themes in Great Gatsby

There are several themes that you can explore in The Great Gatsby such as idealism, decadence, social upheaval, resistance to change, and many more.

The Great Gatsby Facts 2: the main story in The Great Gatsby

Have you read The Great Gatsby before? The center of the story was about the life of Jay Gatsby. This young millionaire was obsessed with Daisy Buchanan.

Facts about The Great Gatsby

Facts about The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Facts 3: the Roaring Twenties

If you want to know the depiction of the life during the Roaring Twenties or Jazz Ages in America, this novel is wonderful to read. It also reflects the American dream during the era.

The Great Gatsby Facts 4: planning the novel

In 1923, Fitzgerald had a plan to create an extraordinary, beautiful and new novel. He visited the north shore of Long Island and attended parties there. The inspiration came after he was in the parties.

The Great Gatsby Facts

The Great Gatsby Facts

The Great Gatsby Facts 5: the first draft

The first draft of The Great Gatsby was completed in 1024 after he relocated to French Riviera. Actually Fitzgerald had a slow progress on this novel.

The Great Gatsby Facts 6: Maxwell Perkins

The draft was read by Maxwell Perkins, the editor of Fitzgerald. Perkins convinced him to rework on the book. He believed that the draft was vague. Look at facts about The Crucible here.

The Great Gatsby Movie

The Great Gatsby Movie

The Great Gatsby Facts 7: the first publication

In April 1925, Scribner’s published the novel for the first time. The first publication of Great Gatsby was not well accepted by the readers during the first year. It only earned mixed reviews.

The Great Gatsby Facts 8: the sales of The Great Gatsby

There were only 20,000 copies of The Great Gatsby sold during the first year. At that time, it was poorly sold.

The Gateway Arch Pic

The Gateway Arch Pic

The Great Gatsby Facts 9: the death of Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald believed that The Great Gatsby was a complete failure for him since he passed away in 1940.

The Great Gatsby Facts 10: the popularity of The Great Gatsby

Today The Great Gatsby is considered as one of the important novels in America. There is no need to wonder that the novel has been adapted into movies. It is also learned by the students at schools. Get facts about the Fifth Element here.

The Great Gatsby Images

The Great Gatsby Images

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