10 Interesting Adventure Time Facts

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Adventure Time Facts give the information about American animated TV series.  Finn is the major character in the series. This boy has a challenging adventure. Jeremy Shada provides the voice for Finn. Pendleton Ward is the creator of Adventure Time for Cartoon Network. Finn has his adventure along with Jake, his adoptive brother. The latter one is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Adventure Time Facts 1: the setting of place

The Land of Ooo is considered as the setting of place for Adventure Time.  Both Finn and Jake interact with Marceline the Vampire Queen, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and BMO.

Adventure Time Facts 2: short

Adventure Time is inspired from Random! Cartoons. It was a short released in 2007 by Nicktoons and Frederator Studios.

Adventure Time Image

Adventure Time Image

Adventure Time Facts 3: a viral hit

It was surprising to know that the short was very popular when it was released on the internet. Therefore, the full-length series was commissioned by Cartoon Network. On 11 March 2010, the series was previewed. On 5th April 2010, it had its premiere.  Get facts about Wizard of Oz here.

Adventure Time Facts 4: inspiration

Adventure Time has been inspired by various shows such as Dungeons & Dragons. The storyboarding artists will decide the dialogue, action and animation during the production process of Adventure Time.

Adventure Time Storyboard

Adventure Time Storyboard

Adventure Time Facts 5:  the production process

The artists had to work on multiple episodes at the same time for it needed around 8 to 9 months to complete an episode.

Adventure Time Facts 6: the cast members

A group recording was made when the cast members had to provide the voice of the characters in Adventure Time. The recurring characters and minor roles usually featured guest actors.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Adventure Time Facts 7: the episode

It only takes 11 minutes to air one episode of Adventure Time. On 21 April 2017, the final season of Adventure Time was premiered. It had been aired for nine seasons. In 2018, the show will end. Look at facts about Uncle’s Tom Cabin here.

Adventure Time Facts 8: a movie adaptation

The movie adaptation of this successful TV series is still on the progress as of October 2015.

Facts about Adventure Time

Facts about Adventure Time

Adventure Time Facts 9: the viewers

Adventure Time is considered as a popular TV series for it gains around 3 million audiences. The program is intended for kids. However, adults and teens also love it.

Adventure Time Facts 10: reception

The critics also love Adventure Time. There is no need to wonder it has received many awards such as three Annie Awards, six Primetime Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.

Adventure Time Facts

Adventure Time Facts

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